Best Car Air Purifier In India

Trucase Portable Car Air Purifier

15 Awesome Car Air Purifier To Buy In 2018 Roads and traffic junctions are hotbeds of air pollution. They are characterized by poor air quality and the distinctive smell of burnt gasoline. Combustion of fossil fuels in automobile engines releases toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, lead and ozone … Read moreBest Car Air Purifier In India

Best Air Purifying Plants For Indoor Purification

The air in our homes and offices is filled with toxic carbon-based molecules called volatile organic compounds (VOC). These particles have a low boiling point, and consequently, a high vapor pressure at regular room temperature. This results in the particles escaping from their solid and liquid forms into the atmosphere by virtue of a phenomenon … Read moreBest Air Purifying Plants For Indoor Purification

Top 8 Air Pollution Meters In 2018

Hand held air quality meter

Air pollution is a burning issue facing our planet today. Rapid industrialization and urbanization has made the problem extremely difficult to contain. Cities around the world are witnessing rising levels of air contamination, with Beijing, Kanpur and New Delhi recording some of the worst figures in recent years. Air pollution has dire implications on human … Read moreTop 8 Air Pollution Meters In 2018

Air Purification Technologies

Negative Ion Air Purification Technology

The most widely used Air Purification Technologies and how they works ? Air pollution is a growing environmental concern. Industrial development, deforestation and urbanization have caused air quality across the globe to plummet to dangerous levels. Polluted air affects human and other life forms, and alters the fragile balance of the ecosystem. It induces global … Read moreAir Purification Technologies