Best Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner In India [ 2020 List ]

Best 9 Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaners To Make Home Super Clean

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner is multi-purpose vacuum intended for heavy cleaning be it in home, car or for large scale office floor cleaning. Our team analyzed a large number of vacuum cleaners, and made a list of the top 9 products based on their technology, performance and design. We have also included a buying guide in the end to help you choose the right product. Hope you will find our recommended products useful and exciting.

1. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Leading the race is the Karcher WD 3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. It is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner made with German technology. It has suction and blower functions, and a max power output of 1000 watts.

The Karcher WD 3 is a canister vacuum cleaner with a long hose pipe and casters (wheels). It has an impact-resistant plastic enclosure with a cartridge filter that removes wet and dry debris sucked up by the machine. It eliminates dust mites, pet dander, hair, sand, liquid waste, dry leaves, food crumbs and bits of paper. It is not reusable, and once fully saturated, it needs to be replaced.

The vacuum is a bagged device with a capacity of 17 liters. The garbage is collected in a disposable paper dust bag. The machine includes a number of cleaning accessories. It comes with a newly developed wet and dry floor nozzle that picks up tough dirt from carpets and hard floors. A 2-meter suction hose is provided for greater reach.

The handle of the vacuum is detachable. You can remove it to fix different cleaning heads directly to the suction hose. For instance, when you have to clean narrow spaces like inside a car, you can directly attach the crevice nozzle to the suction pipe and you are good to go.

The Karcher WD 3 has a bumper to protect it from knocks against walls, doorways and furniture. It has onboard storage for all its accessories. It also has a comfortable parking position for easy storage. The suction tube and floor nozzle can be docked to the vacuum during breaks in the cleaning.

The casters make the device more portable. You can effortlessly move it from room to room, vacuuming your entire house in one go. The machine has a blower function as well. You can use it to sweep up dry leaves into dust bins, and other situations where vacuuming is not possible.

The machine has a push-and-pull locking system for opening and closing the cabinet. The package includes the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, a floor cleaner, a crevice nozzle, a hose pipe, 2 extension tubes and a user manual. The device weighs 8 kg and measures 34 inches by 38.8 inches by 50.3 inches. Warranty period is one year.

Key features:

  • 1000-watt bagged wet and dry vacuum cleaner with blower.
  • 17 liter capacity, disposable cartridge filter, disposable paper dirt bag.
  • Floor cleaner, crevice tool, one suction pipe, two extension pipes.
  • Onboard storage, casters, detachable handle, impact-resistant cabinet, push-and-pull locking system.

2. American Micronic-AMI-VCD21-1600WDx-Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Following the winner closely at number two is the American Micronic AMI-VCD21-1600WDx. It is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter. It deep cleans corners and edges, and keeps your house spic and span.

The American Micronic vacuum cleaner is a dual-action vacuum with suction and blower functions. It has exceptional air flow and water-lift ability. You can use it draw out dirt from carpets, curtains, upholstery, floors and staircases. You can also sweep up scattered litter like bits of paper, leaves and confetti.

The device has a peak power of 1600 watts. It has a HEPA filter that traps fine particulate matter including bacteria, viruses and cigarette smoke. It is effective against spilled beverages, dust, sand, leaves, lint, crumbs, pet dander, pollen and spores.

The AMI-VCD21-1600WDx is a bagged device. It has a washable dirt bag that can be reused any number of times (provided it is not damaged or soiled beyond washing). The machine has a capacity of 21 liters. It has a heavy-duty stainless steel drum. It has casters and a top handle for easy transportation.

You can push the cleaner to the drain or trash can for draining out/disposing the garbage. Accessories include a floor cum carpet brush, an upholstery nozzle, a crevice tool, a wet brush, a hose pipe and two extension pipes. The floor cum carpet brush is for cleaning carpets, rugs, carpeted stairs and floors. It also cleans tiled, granite, marbled and hard wood floors.

The crevice nozzle is for vacuuming corners and edges, the upholstery tool is for dusting drapes, cushions and sofas, and the wet brush is for soaking up liquid waste. The extension pipe widens your cleaning radius while the hose pipe connects the accessories to the machine.

The AMI-VCD21-1600WDx has an operating power of 220 volts. It has a power switch on top of the cabinet next to the handle. Dimensions of the product are 57.6 inches x 38.1 inches x 40.6 inches. It has a warranty of one year.

Key features:

  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaner, 1600-watt motor.
  • Bagged vacuum, HEPA filter, washable dirt bag.
  • Stainless steel drum, casters, handle, 21 liter capacity, blower function.
  • Floor cum carpet brush, crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, wet brush, hose pipe, 2 extension hoses.

3. Karcher WD 5 1100-Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

At number three we have the Karcher WD 5 wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It has a powerful 1100-watt motor that generates enormous air flow. It removes hardened dirt from floors and carpets, and keeps your house spotlessly clean.

The Karcher WD 5 features cutting-edge German technology. It is a canister vacuum cleaner with a 25-liter yellow and black corrosion-resistant stainless steel drum. It is portable and comes with casters and a handle. The motor has a peak power of 1100 watts. It produces strong suction for vacuuming dust, pet dander, loose debris and spilled liquids. It also has blower action for dislodging dirt trapped in hard-to-reach places.

The Karcher WD 5 has a flat-pleated filter. It has an in-unit filter cleaning mechanism which cleans the filter with the push of a button. The mechanism activates strong pulse air streams which scrape out dirt sticking to the filter, and dump the debris in the container.

As a result, the suction is restored and the vacuum cleans more efficiently. The machine also has a quick and easy filter removal technology. It lets you extract the filter from the filter box without touching the dirt itself. The debris is collected in a fleece filter bag.

The Karcher WD 5 comes with a number of accessories for customized cleaning. It has a new switchable floor brush with two rubber and two brush strips. The suction hose enables greater intake of fine and coarse wet and dry debris. The handle has electrostatic protection which comes in handy while vacuuming fine dry dust. The handle has a 3-in-1 function for easier portability. It is also removable and lets you attach accessories directly to the suction hose.

For instance, you can fix the crevice tool directly to the suction pipe for cleaning cramped spaces. The vacuum has a practical parking position for smart storage. It lets you park the suction tube and the floor nozzle during cleaning intervals. The machine also has onboard storage for its accessories and the power cord. Operating voltage is 220-240 volts. Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are: 41.8 cm x 38.2 cm x 65.2 cm. It weighs 8.7 kg

Key features

  • 1100-watt bagged wet and dry vacuum cleaner with blower.
  • 25 liter, flat-pleated filter, integrated filter cleaning system, patented filter removal technology.
  • Fleece dirt bag, 3-in-1 carrying handle, corrosion-resistant stainless steel container.
  • Switchable floor brush, suction hose, crevice tool, onboard storage, parking position.

4. Karcher WD 1 1000-Watt Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The next highly rated wet and dry vacuum cleaner is also by Karcher. This time it is the WD 1 1000-watt multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. It is a powerful vacuum with a shockproof 15-liter plastic drum. It has suction and blower action for cleaning all kinds of spaces and surfaces.

The Karcher WD 1 is a bagged vacuum cleaner with a disposable paper filter bag. It has a textile filter for removing dry debris like dust, pet dander, pollen, food crumbs, paper, leaves and sand. It also has a foam filter for soaking up liquid waste.

The machine is a canister style vacuum cleaner for home, cellar and car use. It has several cleaning accessories which include a clips floor nozzle with mixed inserts, a crevice tool, 3 extension tubes and a suction hose. The floor nozzle cleans both dry and wet debris.

The crevice nozzle pulls out dust from deep inside cracks and crevices. The machine has blower function too. It can be used for sweeping up dry leaves and loose dry waste into garbage bins. The vacuum cleaner has a power rating of 1000 watts. It has a durable lightweight plastic body with a space-saving design. It weighs 3.7 kg without the accessories and measures 33.1 cm by 35.2 cm by 46.1 cm.

The appliance has a versatile carrying handle and casters that make transporting it a breeze. It has onboard storage for accessories and power cable. It makes for clutter-free storage with minimal hassle. Operating voltage of the gadget is 220-240 volts. It has a warranty period of one year.

Key features:

  • Bagged wet and dry vacuum cleaner with blower.
  • 1000-watt motor, textile filter for dry waste, foam filter for wet waste.
  • Disposable paper dirt bag, onboard storage, impact-resistant housing.
  • Clips floor nozzle with mixed inserts, crevice tool, hose, 3 extension tubes.

5. Eureka Forbes WD Mini Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is one of the biggest vacuum cleaner brands in India. The WD Mini by Eureka Forbes is next on our list of top wet and dry vacuum cleaners. It has a powerful 700-watt motor that generates a suction of 1300 mm of WC (millimeters of water column). It is a canister type vacuum with a durable plastic body, carrying handle and swivel casters.

The WD Mini is a multi-functional bagged vacuum. It cleans your home, your car and your garage with impressive efficiency. It has a disposable dust bag with a capacity of 3 liters. It has onboard storage for all its accessories. You don’t need to remove the hose pipe while transporting the vacuum. It makes transportation and storage much easier.

The machine has a5 meter power cable. It also has an automatic power cable winder. With the push of a button the cable is wound up and stored neatly inside the cabinet of the vacuum. The gadget has a wide cleaning radius. The length of the hose and the power cable adds up to 8 meters which is wide enough to clean a medium-sized room without changing power sockets.

The WD Mini has a peak power output of 700 watts and a suction of 1300 mm of WC. The air flow is adjustable. You can set it at low, medium or high according to your vacuuming needs. The gadget has a total of 7 accessories. These include a flexible hose, an upholstery brush, a crevice nozzle, a floor cum carpet brush, a multi-purpose brush, a wet squeeze and extension tubes.

The WD Mini has four 360ᵒ rotating wheels for omni-directional mobility. It also has a bumper for absorbing shock. The vacuum can clear up wet waste up to 2 liters at a time. The wet squeeze effortlessly soaks up spilled liquid. It leaves the surface dry without any marks or smudges. The device has a comfortable parking position. It weighs 3 kg and measures 30 cm x 28 cm x 35 cm.

Key features:

  • Bagged wet and dry vacuum cleaner with adjustable air flow.
  • 700-watt motor with 1300 mm of WC suction force.
  • 7 accessories: a crevice tool, a carpet cum floor brush, an upholstery brush, a multi-purpose brush, a flexible hose, a wet squeeze, extension tube.
  • 360ᵒ swiveling casters, onboard accessory storage, easy parking position, automatic power cable winding.

6. Eureka Forbes Euroclean Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Another top selling wet and dry vacuum cleaner is the Eureka Forbes Euroclean. It has a powerful 1200-watt motor that generates up to 2000 mm of WC suction. It has an input voltage of 230 volts and is suitable for home, office and car use.

The Euroclean has a built-in filtration system for capturing dry and wet debris. It has a unique wet pick-up technology for soaking up spilled liquids. It can hold up to 6 liters of dry waste and 8 liters of wet waste. This means you can clean the entire house without taking a break to empty the dust container.

The Euroclean has an assortment of 13 accessories for eliminating dust, dust mites, pet dander, hair, sand, mud, dry leaves, and bits of food, fabric and paper. It has vacuuming and blower functions for cleaning all kinds of spaces and surfaces. It has a floor cum carpet brush for rugs and hard floors, a computer cleaner for extracting dust from keyboards, a spray jar for spray function, an aromiser for fragrance, and a grill cleaner for removing cobwebs from grills.

It also has an all-surface brush, a corner brush, a precision cleaner, a flexi cleaner, 2 extension tubes, a hose pipe, a spray jar, a car wash adapter, a wet squeeze for floor, a small wet squeeze and a small wet crevice nozzle. In short, the Euroclean is fully equipped to clean all kinds of surfaces be it in your house, porch, garage or vehicle. The device has an auto cord winder for greater convenience.

The cord is retracted into the cabinet which not only saves space but also makes for clutter-free storage. The gadget has onboard storage for all its accessories. Its enclosure is made of high-quality plastic. It has a carrying handle and casters that rotate in all directions for easier navigation.

The dirt is collected in a canister, not dust bag. The canister is removable which makes disposing trash easier. Warranty period of the Euroclean wet and dry vacuum cleaner is 12 months. It weighs 6 kg and measures 41.5 cm by 41.5 cm by 44 cm.

Key features:

  • 1200-watt wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Suction force 2000 mm of WC, blower, 6 liter dry and 8 liter wet debris holding capacity.
  • Canister dust container, 13 accessories, onboard accessory storage.
  • Automatic cord winder, casters, spray function, aromiser.

7. KENT Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

At number 7 we have the Kent wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It is a 1400-watt vacuum with an assortment of cleaning accessories and a 10-liter debris holder. It keeps your home dust-free and your floors sparkling clean. The Kent vacuum cleaner has a high-efficiency motor that generates a strong airflow of 1.6m3/min and a max vacuum pressure of 18kpa. The resulting suction draws out dust embedded deep inside carpets, sofas and corners.

The vacuum has a heavy-duty stainless steel body with a 10-liter dust container. It does not rely on disposable dust bags, and hence, is more cost-effective and environment-friendly. The gadget weighs 5.7 kg and is easy to move around. It has swivel casters and handles for easier portability.

The casters are rubberized so they don’t scar your floor. The Kent vacuum cleaner includes several accessories for wet and dry vacuuming. It has a flexible hose, a crevice tool, a floor brush, a wet brush, a filter bag and an extension tube. It has a blower for dislodging debris in remote unreachable corners and edges.

The Kent vacuum has a washable HEPA filter. It traps dry and wet debris like dust bunnies, dust mites, lint, pollen, spores, pet dander, hair, sand and food particles. To clean filter, take it out of the machine, rinse in lukewarm water and dry on a flat surface.

The vacuum cleaner has a low noise level. It does not exceed 86 dba at any given point of time. The power cord is 5 meters long. The outer enclosure is yellow, black and steely grey in color. It has bumpers all around it to protect from knocks against doorways and furniture. Warranty period of the product is one year.

Key features:

  • 1400-watt bagless wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Airflow 1.6m3/min, max vacuum pressure 18kpa, blower function.
  • Washable HEPA filter, 10-liter dust container, stainless steel drum, rubberized wheels.
  • Flexible hose, crevice nozzle, floor brush, wet brush, filter bag, extension tube, 5m power cord.

8. Eureka Forbes Trendy Wet & Dry DX

The next wet and dry vacuum cleaner on our list is the Eureka Forbes Trendy Wet & Dry DX. It is a powerful vacuum with an 800-watt motor. It has suction and blower functions for rooting out dry and wet waste. The Trendy Wet & Dry DX is designed for indoor and outdoor use. It has a sturdy body with 360ᵒ rotating wheels and a carrying handle. It is a canister style vacuum cleaner with plastic containers for holding the debris. It can store up to 10 liters and 8 liters of dry and wet waste respectively.

You can clean multiple rooms without breaking to dispose of the accumulated debris. The gadget has an indicator that alerts you when the dust container is full. When it beeps/flashes, remove the dust container, empty the contents into a trash can, and pop it back on again.

The Trendy Wet & Dry DX has a 5 meter power cord. When added up with the length of the extension hose, you get a cleaning radius of 8 meters which is pretty impressive. It means you can clean most rooms without changing power sockets. The device also has an automatic power cord winder.

Once you are done vacuuming, just press the cord winder button and the power cable will be pulled into the unit and stored neatly inside it. The Trendy vacuum cleaner has an 800-watt motor and a voltage of 230 volts. It has a suction force of 1800 mm of WC and a blower efficiency of 650 liters/min. It can easily remove tough stains and dirt from floors, stairs, carpets and furniture.

The gadget has several cleaning accessories for cleaning all kinds of spaces and surfaces. It has a flexible hose pipe, a floor cum carpet brush, an all-purpose brush, a crevice nozzle, an upholstery brush, a wet squeeze and extension tubes. The machine weighs 7.8 kg and is easy to maneuver. It measures 50.5 cm x 39 cm x 40.5 cm. The product is warranted against faulty workmanship, design and material for a year from the date of installation.

Key features:

  • Bagless wet and dry vacuum cleaner with 360ᵒ swiveling wheels.
  • 800-watt motor, suction force 1800 mm of WC, blower efficiency 650 liters/min.
  • Automatic cord winder, 10 liter dry and 8 liter wet waste capacity, 8 meter cleaning radius.
  • Flexible hose pipe, floor cum carpet brush, multi-purpose brush, crevice nozzle, upholstery brush, wet squeeze, extension tubes.

9. Prestige Plastic Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The final item on our list is the Prestige plastic wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It has a high-power 1200-watt motor and an advanced HEPA filter for combating dry dirt and wet spills. It has a wide cleaning area and a 10-liter waste container for non-stop vacuuming action.

The Prestige vacuum cleaner has suction and blower functions. It has a power output of 1200 watts for deep-cleaning your house from wall to wall. The debris is captured by the HEPA filter. It traps particulate matter as small as dust mites, pollen, tobacco smoke, fungal spores and pet dander.

The gadget is a bagless in make. It has a 10-liter dust chamber that lets you vacuum large areas in one go. It has a number of accessories including a crevice tool, a corner brush, a floor brush, an absorbing brush, a flexible hose pipe and extension tubes. You can use them to clean marbled, tiled, mosaic, wood, granite and carpeted floors and stairs. You can also clean curtains, car interiors and furniture.

The Prestige wet and dry vacuum cleaner has a round canister type frame with 360ᵒ rotating wheels and a carrying handle. It has onboard accessory storage facility. It also has a feature known as Auto-Cut Float in which protects the motor from being damaged due to liquid waste overflow. This function is activated when the dust container’s water-holding capacity is exceeded.

In such a scenario, the auto-cut float present in the suction nozzle rises up to cut the airflow to the motor, thus preventing damage to the motor. The Prestige vacuum has a compact barrel-like plastic housing. It is black, dark grey and red in color. It has locking levers to hold the top and bottom compartments together. The power cord is 4.5 meters long. Input voltage is 230 volts. The product has a warranty of one year.

Key features:

  • 1200-watt wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Suction and blower, HEPA filter, 10-liter dust container.
  • Auto-Cut Float, 360ᵒ rotating casters, onboard accessory storage, 4.5 m power cord.
  • Crevice tool, corner brush, floor brush, liquid-absorbing brush, flexible hose, extension tubes.


Buying guide for wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

1. Motor power

The most important thing to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner is the power of the motor. It must have enough muscle to lift coarse dry debris like sand, food crumbs and leaves. It must also be able to soak up wet spills with ease from carpets and hard surfaces.

Any vacuum upwards of 800 watts is good. Also, look for additional features like cyclonic action, copper motor and metal fans. It gives the device a clear advantage. In any case, we would advise you to request a demo of the product to verify its suction efficiency.

2. HEPA filter

Vacuums with high-tech filters like HEPA are preferable. HEPA filters are the most advanced air filters with the ability to trap micro allergens as small as 0.3 micron. They intercept PM 2.5, PM 10, cigarette smoke, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, spores and pet dander. Vacuums with washable filters have low running costs.

3. Blower action

A blower comes in handy when you have debris stuck in cracks and edges. If you want to deep-clean your house, even the places you cannot reach, we suggest you go for a vacuum with a blower.

4. Debris holding capacity

The next thing you need to look into is the capacity of the trash container/dust bag. It must be able to hold enough to see you through one complete clean-up of the house. The more the capacity, the longer you will be able to vacuum before stopping to dump the waste.

5. Bagged or bagless

Bagged vacuum cleaners have higher operating costs. They also generate more waste. Bagless vacuum do not have these drawbacks, but they have handling and maintenance requirements. You need to dispose of the waste and wash the containers. You also need to dry them well before the next use.

6. Accessories

The cleaning accessories are important. Make sure the gadget you choose has a floor cum carpet and/or an upholstery brush. You will need it for vacuuming all kinds of floors, stairwells, rugs and couches. It must have a crevice nozzle for cleaning corners, a flexible hose for better maneuverability and extension tubes for greater reach. For wet waste, it must at least have a wet brush/absorbing brush and a wet squeeze.

7. Other features

Select a vacuum that has a sturdy handle and 360ᵒ swivel casters. It will be easier to lug around from room to room. Note the length of the power cord, the flexible hose and the extension tubes. Their combined length must allow you to clean your living room in one go without switching power plugs. Go for a device that offers onboard storage for all its accessories. Also, keep an eye out for useful features like dust bag full indicator, bumpers, shockproof housing, etc.

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