Symphony Ice Cube 27 Liter Room Air Cooler Review

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Liter Room Air Cooler Review

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Liter Room Air Cooler with feathers

Air coolers are synonymous with Indian summers. They bring down the air temperature and make indoors more bearable. There are various kinds of air coolers in the market. Some are meant for spot cooling, some for cooling large spaces. Some have a very small footprint and some can be mounted to windows.

If you are looking for an air cooler for a small room, we have just the right product for you. The Symphony Ice Cube is a powerful personal air cooler with a coverage area of 165 ft2. It is an outstanding spot cooler and is designed for close-range use.

Let us delve a little deeper into the specifications and design of the Symphony Ice Cube air cooler.

Design And Usage

The Symphony Ice Cube is one of the most common room air coolers seen in Indian households. It has a tank capacity of 27 liters when filled to the brim. It cools rooms up to 165 ft2 and is ideal for small rooms and office spaces. You can place the Symphony Ice Cube cooler next to your work table or bed and enjoy the non-stop cooling.

The air cooler has honeycomb cooling pads on 3 sides for faster cooling. The pads are durable and offer a larger surface area for evaporation. The Ice Cube is built with iPure technology which not only cools air but also cleans it with the help of 4 advanced air filters.

The hot air first makes its way through a smell filter which suppresses bad odors and cooking smells. Then it passes through a bacterial filter which takes out living microbes like bacteria and viruses. The third filter is an allergy filter and it removes allergy-inducing particles like pollen and dust mites.

The fourth and final filter is a PM 2.5 filter. This filter is washable and it traps fine particulate matter like PM 2.5 and PM 10. Once all the impurities are eliminated, the cooled moisture-infused air is routed into the room.

The Symphony Ice Cube air cooler has an engineered plastic fan and a cool flow dispenser. It has automatic vertical swing louvers for balanced air distribution. The device has whisper-quiet operation and does not create a racket. You get purified cool air without the commotion of a motor chugging next to you.

The air cooler has Dura Pump technology. It protects the pump and keeps it in good shape. The housing of the cooler is white and made from durable plastic material. It has wheels for easy room to room movement. It allows you to change the placement of the cooler whenever you want.

The cooler uses just 105 watts, and hence, is cost-effective in the long run. The low power consumption also makes it a greener appliance and safe for the planet. Operating voltage of the cooler is 230 volts.

The Symphony Ice Cube has a length of 45 cm, breadth of 30.5 cm and height of 70 cm. It has a warranty of 1 year. For optimum cooling, the manufacturer recommends placing the air cooler near an open door or window. It improves cross-ventilation which is important for the effectiveness of the cooler.

Key Features :

  • 27-liter 105-watt room air cooler with lowest noise.
  • Cooling area 165 ft2, iPure technology, Dura Pump technology.
  • 3-sided honeycomb cooling pads, automatic swing louvers, 3 air speeds.
  • Fan-driven, castors, cool flow dispenser.

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