Symphony Hicool i 31 Liter Air Cooler – Complete Review

Symphony Hicool i 31 Liter Air Cooler – Complete Review

Air coolers are an indispensable part of Indian summers. Almost every urban household in central and northern India owns an air cooler. It is the best solution for hot and dry weather. It keeps indoors cool and comfortable. It humidifies the air and makes it less dry. It is also eco-friendly and cheaper than an air conditioner (AC).

In this section, we are going to talk about the Symphony HiCool i, a powerful 31-liter personal air cooler, popular among Indians. It is great for small rooms and spot cooling. It purifies and cools air using advanced air filters and cooling pads. Let us take a closer look at the technology, features and design of the Symphony HiCool i.

Design and usage

The Symphony HiCool i is a blower-driven personal air cooler. It has a cooling space of 50m3, and is suitable for small rooms and kids’ bedrooms. It can also be used to cool a small area inside a large room such as individual cubicles in an office. You can place the cooler next to your bed or study table for personal use. It has a strong blower that offers excellent close-range cooling.

The Symphony HiCool i is built with iPure technology. It has 5 different air filters that root out harmful allergens in a phased manner. The air first passes through a dust filter which removes coarse particles like dust bunnies, dust mites, lint, hair and pet dander.

The next filter is a smell filter and it eliminates bad odors and cooking smells. The third filter is an allergy filter and it tackles allergy-causing particles like pollen, animal hair and dust. The fourth air filter hinders bacteria and viruses.

The fifth is a honeycomb pad with a washable PM 2.5 filter. It traps fine particulate matter like dust mite feces, spores, bacteria, smog and cigarette smoke. In other words, the HiCool i not just cools the room air, but also rids it of airborne pollutants.

The air cooler has a low power consumption of 185 watts. You won’t have to cough up large sums every month for your electricity bill. It is an energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternative to an AC.

The Symphony HiCool i has Dura Pump technology which prolongs the life of the pump. It has SMPS technology which shields the circuitry against sudden fluctuations in voltage. It also has System Restore function which saves the last settings and reverts to it when the system is powered on. This features makes the device easier to use and saves time.

The air cooler has an Empty Water Tank Alarm. It is a 5-second beep sounded to remind the user to refill the tank on time so the water never runs out and the machine never stops. The gadget has an air-throw distance of 11 meters. It propels air to the farthest reaches of the room so every corner is properly cooled.

The HiCool i comes with a fully-functional remote. It has a 7-hour timer which is very convenient. It saves power and turns off the device when the allotted time elapses. The cooler also features a built-in remote docking station. It is a cool way to store the remote and avoid misplacing it which can be quite annoying.

The air cooler has a water inlet on the side of the enclosure for pouring water into the tank. It also has an ice tray. If you want extra-chilled cooling, just add a few cubes of ice and enjoy the icy breeze. An overflow outlet is provided at the back for any overflows during usage.

The expelled water can be collected in a bucket. The outlet prevents accidental spills and keeps your floor clean. A water release plug is provided at the bottom of the tank for draining the residual water and cleaning the reservoir.

The Symphony HiCool i is a portable air cooler. It has strong multi-directional castors for hassle-free movement. It has a user interface with easy-press buttons on top of the device. The fan speed of the cooler can be regulated as per your requirement. There is a Cool Mode for enhanced cooling. The louvers of the cooler have a swing motion. They dispense air in an even manner throughout the room.

The cooling medium of the Symphony HiCool i is honeycomb synthetic pads. They provide a large surface area for faster evaporation and cooling. A cool flow dispenser ensures water is evenly distributed over the pads for optimum cooling.

The cooler has a mosquito net for preventing mosquitoes from entering the tank. The manufacturers recommend keeping windows and doors open for cross-ventilation. It allows fresh air to be drawn into the room and stale air to go out.

The Symphony HiCool i can be used indoors and outdoors. It is compatible with inverters and can run on inverter power during power cuts. It has a white plastic housing with a length of 50 cm, breadth of 38 cm and height of 91.5 cm. It weighs 9 kg.

Key features:

  • 31-liter 185-watt blower-based personal air cooler.
  • iPure, Dura Pump and SMPS technology, System Restore function.
  • Suitable for rooms up to 50m3, ice tray, overflow outlet, cool flow dispenser, 11-meter air-throw.
  • Remote with 7-hour timer, empty water tank alarm, 3 fan speeds, inverter-ready, auto swing louvers.

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