Best Sunflame Kitchen Chimneys In India [ 2021 Updated List ]

Best Sunflame Kitchen Chimneys In India

Today we are going to study Sunflame kitchen chimneys. We will be analyzing the functions and features of top-selling Sunflame chimneys in India. We have tried to include all kinds of chimneys that suit different cooking needs from light cooking to intense oil-based cooking. Hope you find our article helpful. Here we go.  

Sunflame Bella 60 BK Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

The Bella 60 BK is an affordable wall-mounted chimney. It has a suction capacity of 1100 m3/h which can remove smoke from 2-4 burner gas stoves and hobs. The product has a curved glass canopy with baffle filters. It is ideal for oil-heavy cooking methods like frying and sauteing.

The Bella 60 BK is one of the best entry-level chimneys for Indian kitchens. It has a heavy-duty baffle filter for trapping oil and other residue present in cooking fumes. It allows the air to pass out through the ducts and into the outer environment while the grease remains embedded in the filter. Once in 6 months you can wash the filter with hot water and soap. Use a non-abrasive scrubber and scrub it gently under a tap. Allow it dry fully before fitting it back again in the hood.

The chimney is driven by a 190-watt motor with high-extraction capacity. It has a twin turbine with a steel centrifugal fan that increases capture area. The low-drag housing design of the twin turbine ensures an obstruction-free system for minimal air drag and optimal power use. It helps the fan spin faster while maintaining a consistent and quite operation. The frame of the chimney is made of stainless steel and sports a black powder coated finish.

The canopy has a curved black tempered glass. There are push buttons on the front edge of the canopy. The suction speed has 3 levels. A pair of LED lamps ensures the area around the gas stove is well illuminated. Unlike halogen lights, these lights are heat-free and do not increase the temperature around the hob.

The Bella Sunflame chimney has a low noise level of 5dB. It has a voltage requirement of 230V AC, 50Hz. The motor has a warranty of 5 years and the overall chimney has a comprehensive warranty of 1 year.

Key Features :

  • 60cm curved glass Sunflame chimney.
  • 1100 m3/ airflow rate, 3 suction speeds, soft push buttons, LED lamps.
  • Baffle filter, suitable for Indian cooking, 2-4 burners, 190-watt motor.
  • Wall-mounted, stainless steel frame with powder coated finish, twin turbine efficiency.

Sunflame CH Rapid 60 DX Auto Clean Chimney

The Rapid 60 is a top-performing Sunflame chimney with touch control. It has baffle filters and an oil tray. The Thermal Auto Clean helps for hassle-free maintenance. It is great for frying and grilling and is suitable for Indian kitchens. The Sunflame Rapid 60 has a 60cm hood. It is wide enough for gas stoves with 2-4 burners.

The powerful motor that can ventilate a space of 200 square feet and larger. It has a steel and glass construction. The canopy has a curved black tempered glass which enhances the look of the appliance. There is a touch control panel on the front side of the canopy. A pair of LED lamps is provided for brightening up the cooking area. The suction speed has 3 levels.

The Rapid 60 Sunflame chimney uses heavy-duty baffle filters to deal with grease and odors. The many curved pathways inside the filter inhibit microscopic oil and food particles present in the air stream. These particles remain behind in the filter while the gas and steam are allowed to move out through the pipes and into the outside.

Baffle filters are designed to suck out oil smoke released during oil-heavy cooking. They need cleaning once a few months. Soaking them in hot water for about 15 minutes prior to washing helps soften the grease so that when you scrub it, the dirt comes off easily.

The chimney has Thermal Auto Clean which is another way of cleaning the filter panels. This function uses a heating element to melt the solidified oil. The oil collects in an oil tray from where you can clear it out periodically. Auto Clean ensures the filter stays clean and suction capacity is unaffected.

A grease-clogged filter would mean added pressure on the motor to pull in smoke. Auto Clean makes sure the filters are never clogged which helps prolong the life of the motor. The appliance has noiseless operation. Its peak sound level seldom exceeds 62dB. Warranty on the motor is 5 years and that on the product is 1 year.

Key Features :

  • 60cm Sunflame chimney with Thermal Auto Clean.
  • Baffle filter, oil collector, suitable for Indian kitchens.
  • 1100 m3/h airflow rate, 3 suction speeds, 2 LED lamps.
  • Feather-touch control, curved glass canopy, stainless steel frame, max noise 62dB.

Sunflame CH Slim 60 BK Kitchen Chimney

The Slim 60 BK is a straight-line chimney for compact kitchens and kitchenettes. It has an airflow rate of 500 m3/h. It has cassette filters which support light cooking. The Slim 60 BK is a reasonably priced wall-mounted chimney with a straight-line construction. It has a 60cm hood with aluminum cassette filters.

The filter captures grease and other residue released during cooking. Smoke and gas are allowed to escape through the air outlet. The device has Auto Clean which cleans the cassette filters at the push of a button. The filter panels are lightweight and easy to wash. They are also less expensive than baffle filters. But the downside of cassette filters is that they need to be cleaned regularly, preferably once a fortnight, to keep up the performance of the chimney. They are also more suited to light cooking methods that do not involve a lot of oil or ghee.

The Slim 60 Sunflame chimney is ideal for kitchens smaller than 100 ft2. It is a good fit for compact gas stoves with 2 burners. It has an incandescent light with a large illumination area that helps you cook better.

The appliance has a contemporary design that suits both modern and traditional kitchens. It has a sliding control panel for adjusting the speed of the suction according your cooking requirements. The outer frame has a powder coated black finish. Max noise level of the gadget is 58dB. It has a warranty of 2 years.

Key Features :

  • 60cm affordable straight-line Sunflame chimney.
  • 500 m3/h suction rate, suitable for kitchens smaller than 100 ft2.
  • Aluminum cassette filter, ideal for light frying and grilling.
  • Auto Clean, sliding control panel, incandescent lamp, adjustable suction.

Sunflame Innova Auto Clean 90cm Kitchen Chimney

The best Sunflame kitchen chimney in the market is the Innova Auto Clean. It is available in 60cm and 90cm variants. Here we are going to discuss the 90cm model. The Innova Auto Clean 90cm chimney is designed for Indian households. It has the power of two different filters: baffle and activated charcoal. Baffle filters are most effective against oil smoke. They have multi-layered curved pathways that force the food particles in the smoke to separate from the air current and stick to the filter panel.

The rest of the gas and steam are expelled through the ducts. Activated charcoal filters are the best kind of air filters for fighting pungent cooking odors and chemical fumes. The carbon molecules trap odor-causing allergens using a mechanism called adsorption. The combined capacities of the baffle and charcoal filters offer comprehensive protection against grease and odors.

One advantage of charcoal filters is that they enable ductless operation. So, if your kitchen lacks an air outlet, this chimney might serve you better. The Innova 90 Sunflame chimney has a 90cm hood which means it is wide enough for 3-5 burner gas stoves or hobs. It has a suction rate of 1100 m3/h and is suitable for kitchens larger than 200 ft2.

The motor has a power rating of 180 watts. Power requirement of the chimney is 230 volts, 50Hz. The appliance has Heat Auto Clean. This function uses an integrated heating element inside the chimney to melt solidified grease sticking to the filter panels.

The oil collects in an oil collection chamber from where you can discard it later. Heat Auto Clean ensures the filter is never clogged and suction is consistent. It is a quick and easy way to clean the filter, although you will still need to wash it (baffle filter only, carbon filter is not washable) once a few months with soap and water to thoroughly clean it.

The chimney has a steel grey metal and glass body. The canopy has a curved tempered glass. The control buttons are touch-sensitive. A pair of LED lamps keeps the stove area lit up. There is a tiny display that shows the current settings. The motor makes very less noise, mostly staying within 62dB.

Key Features :

  • 90cm curved-glass hood Sunflame chimney.
  • Baffle and charcoal filters, Heat Auto Clean.
  • Supports ductless operation, 1100 m3/h suction, touch control panel.
  • Dual LED lamps, display screen, oil collector, steel and glass body, 62db max noise.

Sunflame Fusion 60 SS BF Wall-Mounted Chimney

The Sunflame Fusion 60 SS BF is perfect for small kitchens. It has a 60cm hood and a maximum airflow of 850 m3/h. The powerful motor can rapidly pumps out smoke and odors. It is wall-mountable and suitable for Indian cooking.

The chimney has a pyramid-shaped canopy with a stainless steel finish. It is compact, lightweight and durable. It is equipped with stainless steel baffle filters. Baffle filter panels have a zig-zag pathway which forces the air to cut and chop in sudden spurts, thus causing the microscopic solid and liquid particles present in the smoke to separate from the air stream and adhere to the surface of the filter panel.

The smoke is released through the air outlet into the outside environment while the dirt stays behind in the filter. Baffle filters are washable and last several years. You need to clean them once every 6 months to keep up their performance.

The Fusion 60 has a 180-watt motor with a spin rate of 14000 rpm (rotations per minute). It has an airflow volume of 850 m3/h and an air speed of 21 m/sec. This ensures smoke is sucked out as soon as it is released during cooking. Your kitchen stays clean, and your cabinets and tiles grime-free.

The chimney also absorbs much of the vibrations caused by the motor’s and the twin turbine’s rotations. Consequently, the fan is able to spin faster at a steady pace and without generating additional sounds.

Also, the motor sound seldom exceeds 58dB. The Fusion Sunflame chimney is suitable for 2-4 burner and kitchens with an area of 100-200 ft2. It can handle heavy frying and grilling. It has soft push buttons, 3 fan speeds and a stainless steel finish. Depth of the chimney is 500mm and height is 645mm. Two heat-free energy-saving LED lights keep the cook top bright and light up. Warranty period is one year.

Key Features :

  • 60cm Sunflame chimney with stainless steel baffle filter.
  • 180-watt motor with 850 m3/h airflow rate, 14000 rpm motor spin rate.
  • Pyramid-shaped canopy, stainless steel finish, push buttons, twin LED lamps.
  • 3 fan speeds, suitable for 100-200 ft2 kitchens, can handle heavy frying and grilling.

Sunflame Innova DX 60 Kitchen Chimney  

The Sunflame Innova DX 60 is one of the best Sunflame chimneys in the market. It has a 60cm curved glass top and a stainless steel frame. The baffle filters are good for extracting smoke and grease. It is ideal for medium-sized Indian kitchens with 2-4 burner gas stoves.

The Innova DX 60 has an airflow capacity of 1230 m3/h. It has an efficient motor that sucks out cooking fumes and prevents them from re-circulating in the house air. It has superior baffle filters for reducing grease. The multiple curved layers inside the filters trap oil particles and expel smoke.

The filters are washable. You can clean it water and dishwashing liquid once every 6 months or whenever necessary. Washing the filters periodically helps maintain the suction force and prevents the panels from getting blocked.

The Innova DX 60 has Heat Auto Clean which melts the accumulated grease sticking to the filter panels. The excess oil trickles off and collects in an oil collector from where it can be poured into a sink. Heat Auto Clean is a useful function as it allows you to touch-up the filters without manually washing them. It is meant for summary cleanings once a few weeks. It keeps the panels unclogged and suction optimal.

The chimney has feather touch control for enhanced user experience. You just need to gently tap the buttons and the setting is instantly activated. The gadget has a steel and glass housing. The hood has an elegantly curved glass over it. There are two power-saving LED lamps that help you cook comfortably. Peak noise level of the motor is 62dB. Warranty on the product is one year and that on the motor is 5 years.

Key Features :

  • 60cm Sunflame chimney with curved glass hood.
  • Twin baffle filters, 1230 m3/h suction rate, Heat Auto Clean.
  • Feather-touch control, dual LED lamps, steel and glass construction.
  • Wall-mounted, suitable for 2-4 burners and heavy frying/grilling, oil collector.

Sunflame Regal 60 Auto Clean DX Chimney

The next product to make our list of best Sunflame chimneys is the Regal Auto Clean. It is a wall-mounted chimney with stainless steel baffle filters. The curved glass hood is wide enough for 2-4 burners. It is ideal for households that cook oil-based cuisines.

The Regal has a 60cm hood. It has heavy-duty conical stainless steel baffle filters that intercept oil and food residues. The conical structure expands the surface area of the filter, thus allowing more smoke to be drawn in at a time.

The filter requires cleaning once every six months. You might want to soak the panels in hot water mixed with a bit of soap to soften the grease. The dirt comes off easily when you scrub it under a running faucet. Use a gentle scrub and allow the panels to dry completely before putting them back on.

The chimney has Heat Auto Clean. You can use this function to remove grease from the panels without actually cleaning them. An oil collector holds the melted grease. Auto Clean prevents blockages in the filter and maintains suction. It is meant for instant touch-ups without any hassles. However, you will still need to physically wash the filter once every few month to clean it more thoroughly.

The Regal 60 Sunflame chimney has a suction rate of 1100 m3/h which is enough to ventilate kitchens larger than 200 ft2. It has soft push buttons. It has twin LED lights for increasing visibility around the cook top. There are 3 suction speeds which are adjustable. Max noise level is 62dB. The appliance has a warranty period of 1 year and the motor has 5 years.

Key Features :

  • 60cm curved glass wall-mounted Sunflame chimney.
  • 1100 m3/h airflow rate, 3 suction speeds, push buttons.
  • Conical stainless steel baffle filter, suitable for Indian cooking.
  • Twin LED lamps, Heat Auto Clean, oil collector, coverage area 200+ ft2.

Sunflame Rapid 90 Titanium Kitchen Chimney

In a previous section in this article, we reviewed the Rapid 60 DX. The Rapid 90 DX is a step up from that model. It has a wider hood and better suction. It is designed for larger kitchens with a floor area of over 200 square feet. T

he chimney has heavy-duty stainless steel baffle filters that intercept solid and liquid food particles present in the smoke pulled in by the chimney. These particles remain embedded in the filter while the gas and steam are allowed to escape through the vent into the outside. Baffle filters are extremely effective against oil smoke. They reduce odors and pungent fumes, helping you cook more comfortably.

The chimney has a suction capacity of 1100 m3/h. It scoops out smoke the moment it is produced. There are 3 speed settings for different cooking methods. A pair of LED lights increases brightness and visibility around the stove. They have high luminosity and consume less electricity. They are also heat-free lamps meaning they do not add to the heat in the kitchen, which is a good thing.

The Rapid 90 has feather-touch controls. It has a smart enclosure with a steel body and glass front. The canopy has a curved black hardened glass. The motor prevents smoke from wafting back into the kitchen. It has noiseless operation and doesn’t make more the 62dB sound.

The chimney has Heat Auto Clean for removing grease without manual cleaning. This feature ensures the panels stay unclogged so that suction is maintained. An oil collector receives the melted oil and holds it till such time as it is cleared out. You can wash the collector with water and a little dishwashing liquid. Allow it to dry fully before fixing it back in place. Warranty on the product is 1 year and that on the motor is 5 years.

Key Features :

  • 90cm wall-mounted Sunflame chimney.
  • Curved glass top, stainless steel baffle filter.
  • 1100 m3/h airflow rate, 3 suction speeds, feather-touch control.
  • Dual LED lights, Heat Auto Clean, oil tray, suitable for 200+ ft2 kitchens.
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