Respironics Philips Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator Review

Respironics Philips Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The most portable product on our list of best oxygen concentrators is the Philips Respironics Simply Go portable oxygen machine. It is a travel-friendly oxygen generator with a custom-made carrying case, a mobile cart and an accessory case. It is designed for people who travel a lot. It has flexible power options and can be powered through a car battery, a wall socket or the internal battery. Both AC and DC power cables are included in the package.

Let us take a closer look at the design and uses of the Simply Go oxygen concentrator.

Product Design And Uses :

If you are someone who travels frequently on work, but also requires assistive oxygen supply at all times, we recommend you try the Philips Respironics Simply Go oxygen machine. It is a reliable compact oxygen machine. It weighs just 10 lbs and is easy to carry. It has a box-like cuboid shape and can easily be stored in a corner.

The Simply Go comes with a carrying cart with oversized 6-inch wheels. The large size of the wheels ensures smooth movement even on rough terrain. The cart has a collapsible handle with adjustable length for easy maneuverability. A built-in foldable stand is also available for parking the device. The cart itself is foldable and can be stowed away on an overhead storage unit in trains or planes.

A sturdy carrying bag holds the machine securely in place on the cart. It protects the device from dust, sunlight, scratches and impact. The bag can be carried on the cart or worn over the shoulders like a rucksack. It has strong straps for slinging it over your shoulders. An additional accessory case is also included. The cart’s handle allows you to attach this case and an optional humidifier pouch. The accessory case can accommodate an extra battery, a cannula and other small accessories quite comfortably.

The Respironics Simply Go is a new breed of oxygen machines that offer continuous as well as pulsed oxygen delivery. It is capable of delivering a continuous flow of oxygen and a pulse-dose. It is equipped with a long-lasting compressor for more dependable care. It has a large oxygen output in order to keep up with the patient’s needs at all times, even when outdoors.

For the best oxygen therapy, Philips recommends combining the Simply Go mobile machine with the EverFlo stationary oxygen generator. When you are at home you can use the EverFlo and when you are out travelling you can switch to the Simply Go. This way you create your own oxygen-generating system that works in all kinds of situations. Both the devices are low on maintenance and high on efficiency. One is good for stationary use and the other for travel.

The Simply Go oxygen machine has an intuitive control panel with back-lit touch-sensitive buttons. You can set the working time as per your need. A display screen shows the relevant information. There is a large handle for lifting and carrying the machine without using the cart or the carrying bag. The cabinet of the oxygen concentrator is resistant to impact. It is tested for ruggedness by subjecting it to impact, vibrations, and high and low temperature. Dimensions of the device are: 29.2 cm x 25.4 cm x 15.2 cm. With the battery it weighs 10 lbs.       

The oxygen generator provides a continuous oxygen supply of 0.5 to 2 liters per minute. The oxygen has a concentration level of 86 to 97% at all settings. Pulse mode bolus sizes are as follows: 1=12 ml/1.5=18 ml/2=24 ml/2.5=30 ml/3=36 ml/3.5=42 ml/4=48 ml/4.5=54 ml/5=60 ml/5.5=66 ml/6=72 ml.

The Simply Go oxygen concentrator comes with a rechargeable 6600 mAh Lithium ion battery. It weighs 1.5 lbs and takes 2 to 3 hours to be fully charged. You can charge it from a wall power receptacle or a car battery. The process of changing the battery is very simple. It is easy to access as there are no complicated parts to work through. You just need to remove the old battery, pop in the new one and you are good to go.

The battery has a life of 0.9 hours at 2 l/m continuous flow and 3 hours at pulse dose setting of 2. DC power input is 1.5 to 16 VDC and 18 A max, and DC power output is 19 VDC and 7.9 A max. AC power input is 100 to 240 VAC/ 50 to 60 Hz/1.7 A max and AC power input is 100 to 240 VAC/ 50 to 60 Hz/1.7 A max. Power consumption of the device is 150 watts when charging and 120 watt when not charging.

Ideal environment for the Philips Respironics Simply Go is as follows: operating temperature 5° to 40°C, storage temperature -20° to 60°C, altitude up to 10,000 feet. It has a sound level of less than 43 dB at pulse setting 2 dB.

The system sounds an alarm in case of low oxygen purity, no oxygen flow, no breath or high breath rate, low battery, wrong battery and technical failure.

The package includes the Simply Go oxygen concentrator with airline cord, one lithium ion battery, an AC and a DC power cord, a mobile cart, a carrying bag, an accessory case, oxygen tubing, a user manual and a 2 year warranty card.

The Simply Go has a flexible warranty programme. You can choose between 2, 3 or 5 years of warranty at the time of purchase.

Key Features :

  • Best oxygen concentrator for travel.
  • Offers continuous and pulsed oxygen delivery, weighs only 10 lbs.
  • Oxygen purity 86 to 97%, oxygen supply 0.5 to 2 l/m.
  • Works on direct power and car battery, 6600 mAh built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Includes mobile cart with 6-inch wheels, adjustable handle, carry bag, accessory case.
  • Touch control panel, tested for impact, vibrations and temperature variations.

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