Philips FC8474/02 Powerpact Compact Vacuum Cleaner Review

Philips FC8474/02 1.5-Litre Powerpact Compact Vacuum Cleaner

In this segment, we are going to talk about the Philips FC8474/02 vacuum cleaner. Philips, as we know, is a leading consumer appliances company, and the FC8474/02 is one of its best products in the canister vacuum cleaner category. It has Phillips’ advanced PowerCyclone 4 technology which is tough on dirt and soft on the surface.

Philips FC8474/02 is designed for homes with pets and is excellent at removing animal hair from floors, carpets and upholstery. It is equally good at cleaning dust, sand, mud, food crumbs, cigarette ash, bits of paper and other dry litter. The machine is compact, portable and easy to maintain. It has a unique bucket design and features a 1.5 liter transparent dust chamber.

Let us discuss the features and design of the Philips FC8474/02 in a little more detail.

Features And Design

The Philips FC8474/02 is a sophisticated home cleaner. It has an 1800-watt motor that produces a maximum suction force of 350 watts. It has PowerCyclone 4 technology that increases the airflow of the machine and separates the debris from the air.

The air is first drawn in through the straight and smooth inlet tube at high speed. As the air makes its way towards the top of the tube, the curved path accelerates the air current inside the cyclonic chamber which results in the separation of the dust from the air. The dust is then collected in the dust chamber while the clean air is ejected from the device.

The vacuum has a pleated EPA 10 filter with a large surface area for faster filtration. It traps dust mites and vermin present in the air coming in through the inlet. It is highly effective at keeping allergies and infections at bay. The filter keeps the dirt inside the machine and prevents it from mixing with the indoor air. It also prevents the machine from clogging and enhances the impact of the cyclonic airflow.

The filter is washable and reusable. To shake off the dust, just knock it gently against a hard surface. You can also wash it in plain tap water. But allow it to dry fully before using it again. The vacuum has another filter near the exhaust vent. It is made from sponge and is also washable and reusable. To keep up the performance of the appliance, we recommend keeping a tab on the filters and cleaning them time to time.

The vacuum cleaner is pet-friendly. It is designed to be a handy cleaner for pet owners. It has a special turbo brush nozzle that removes 25% more pet dander and fluff than any other vacuuming tool. The tool has a rotating movement that collects the minutest hair and follicles trapped in rugs, carpets and in between floor panels. The brush has small wheels which protect hard floors from nicks and scratches.

Apart from the turbo brush, the vacuum has a crevice nozzle, a small nozzle, a multi-purpose standard cleaner, a flexible hose and a 2-piece telescopic extension tube. The crevice tool cleans corners and edges. The small nozzle extracts dirt from tight spaces like shelves and cabinets.

The standard nozzle cleans upholstery, curtains and floors. It has a clip which releases a hidden brush with small bristles for dusting fabric. For hard floors, you might want to keep the brush withdrawn to avoid scratch marks. The flexible hose connects to the main vacuum cabinet on one end and the cleaning tool on the other.

The telescopic tube enlarges the cleaning area. Combined with the 6-meter power cord, it allows for a maximum cleaning radius of 9 meters which is quite impressive. It means for most small and medium-sized rooms, you won’t have to unplug and switch to another power socket because the power cord is too short. You’ll be able to clean the entire room in one go without any hassles.

Another feature of the cleaner is the extra-long ergonomically shaped grip. It enables you to clean hard-to-reach places like ceiling corners and under beds and tables.

The Philips FC8474/02 has a maximum airflow of 35 liters per second. It has an IEC input power of 1600 watts and a max input power of 1800 watts. Maximum suction power of the device is 350 watts and maximum vacuum is 25 kPa. It is low on noise and does not exceed 83 dB. 

The vacuum cleaner has large castor wheels for easier portability. It has a see-though 1.5 liter dust chamber. The chamber has a smooth inner surface for the dust to slide off smoothly during disposal without blowing up a cloud of dust. The dust cup is easy to detach and clean. Just press the release button, grab the handle on the chamber and gently pull it out. Empty the debris into a waste bin and clip it back on.

The FC8474/02 has a red and black housing. It measures 406mm (length) by 285mm (width) by 238mm (height), and weighs 4.5kg. Warranty period of the product is 2 years.

Key Features :

  • 1800-watt canister vacuum cleaner for pet owners.
  • PowerCyclone 4 technology, pleated EPA 10 filter, sponge exhaust filter.
  • 5 liter dust chamber, 6 meter power cord, 9 meter cleaning radius.
  • Accessories: Turbo brush, crevice nozzle, small nozzle, standard multi-purpose cleaner, flexible hose, telescopic extension tube.

Pro Tips : Mini vacuum cleaners are very effective for pet hair, dry cleaning the garments and sometime to clean the four wheeler interior.

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