Orient Electric Smartcool DX CP2002H Air Cooler Review

Orient Electric Smartcool DX CP2002H Air Cooler Review

If you are thinking about bringing home an air cooler this summer, we have a suggestion. If your room is around 100 to 150 square feet, and you are looking for an affordable medium-capacity air cooler, we suggest you try out the new Orient Electric Smartcool DX CP2002H. It is a premium personal air cooler in India with a 20 liter water tank and a powerful motor that produces an airflow of 1300 m3/h. It has a dust filter that traps germs and pollen. It is designed for small to medium-sized rooms, and is perfect for bedrooms, nurseries and study rooms. You can also install it in large open-layout offices and stores where spot cooling is required.

Let us discuss the technology and usage of the device in a little more detail. We will summarize our analysis with bullet points listing out the main features of the product.

Let’s begin.

Design And Usage

The Orient Electric Smartcool DX CP2002H is a versatile room air cooler cum air cleaner. It has a blower with an air delivery of 1300 m3/h and a dust filter. It covers small to medium indoor spaces like bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, classrooms, shops and offices cabins. The gadget has an air-throw distance of 25 feet which is quite impressive. It pushes cool air into the farthest reaches of a room with effortless ease. You get uniform cooling in every part of the room and everyone enjoys the cooling equally.

The Smartcool DX CP2002H has a DenseNet Honeycomb cooling media. This technology reduces the gap between cooling flutes to increase the effectiveness of the cooler. It ensures 45% more water retention in the cooling pads which results in 25% more cooling. In other words, DenseNet Honeycomb pads cool air faster and your room stays cool for longer.

The gadget has 3 speed levels: low, medium and high. It has automatic motorized vertical louvers and adjustable horizontal louvers. The vertical louvers rotate on their and cannot be controlled. They are positioned behind the horizontal louvers inside the cooler. The horizontal louvers, on the other hand, can be manually adjusted to project air in the direction you need.

The USP of the Orient Electric room air cooler is that it not just cools the air, but also purifies it. It is fitted with a durable dust filter that intercepts dust particles, hair, pollen and other harmful allergens that float in with the hot air. It prevents diseases, and keeps your home environment fresh and hygienic.

Another useful feature of the Smartcool DX CP2002H is its ice chamber. You can put ice cubes in it for faster and extra-chilled cooling. On days that are excessively hot and dry, this chamber can be used to increase the cooling.

The air cooler has a high-quality ABS plastic enclosure. It is rust-proof which is great. You do not want ugly rusty stains appearing on the body within a few months of use. The manufacturer also offers a 1 + 2 years Anti-Rust Warranty on the housing which is an awesome deal as not many brands offer such assurances. Most companies only claim that their products are rust-proof without any real guarantees. That is clearly not the case with the Orient Electric Smartcool and so it can be trusted.

The cabinet of the cooler is white and dark grey. It has a high-gloss finish and stylish green graphics on the front panel. Hot air is sucked in through the rear part, and cool air is let out through a rectangular vent in front covered by vertical and horizontal louvers. There are two mechanical control knobs on top of the cooler for managing its functions. The enclosure is 46 cm wide, 34 cm deep and 69 cm high. It has two handles built into the side of the frame for easy portability. There are also 4 multi-directional castor wheels for moving the cooler from one room to another.

The air cooler is inverter-friendly. So, if you have an inverter, you can use the cooler even when there is no electricity.

The product consumes very less energy. It has a power rating of 140 watts. It has an automatic water level indicator that lets you know when to replenish the tank. It is a useful function as it prevents the tank from drying up. It also keeps up the performance of the machine.

The manufacturer recommends keeping the space well-ventilated for proper functioning of the air cooler. Ensure doors and windows are open so that fresh air from outside can come in. This is important because it enhances the rate of evaporation and makes for better cooling. A closed room prevents the cooler from working at it best possible level.

Key Features :

  • Portable 140-watt room air cooler with dust filter and DenseNet Honeycomb cooling media.
  • 20-liter water tank, air delivery of 1300 m3/h, 25-meter air-throw distance.
  • Suitable for 100-150 ft2 rooms, 3 airflow levels, auto water level indicator, inverter-compatible.
  • 4-way air delivery, motorized vertical louvers, adjustable horizontal louvers.
  • Ice chamber, ABS rustproof body, 1 + 2 years Anti-Rust Warranty, castors, two handles.

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