Karcher WD 1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Karcher WD 1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming can be a cumbersome job. But the right gadget can make it much easier. Among top vacuum cleaner manufacturers is a German company called Karcher. It is known for its quality products and has a long legacy of innovation. In this segment we are going to talk about one of Karcher’s entry-level vacuum cleaners, the WD 1. It is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner with a powerful 1000-watt motor. It is portable and includes a number of cleaning accessories suitable for different surfaces and spaces.

Let us take a closer look at the technology and features of the WD 1.

Technology And Features :


The Karcher WD 1 is a versatile vacuum cleaner. It is designed to clean both wet and dry waste. It has a power consumption of 1000-watts. The motor generates a suction force of 160 air watts (measured at the suction tubes according to the IEC 60312 standard). Current type is 220-240 volts / 50-60 Hz.

The vacuum cleaner has a durable plastic body. It is tolerant to impact and bumps. It has a plastic body and a 15-liter container. It is compact and has wheels for easy room-to-room movement. An ergonomically shaped handle is provided on top for lifting and carrying the device. Storing the cleaner is very easy. It does not occupy much floor space and can be neatly tucked away out of sight in the corner of a room.

The machine is capable of wet and dry cleaning. It can tackle dust, pet hair, bits of food and sand from floors and carpets. It can pick up small amounts of liquid from floors and tables. It can also blow leaves and grass into a trash can. From cellars to patios to garages to yards, the Karcher WD 1 is built for cleaning all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The device has a universal clips floor nozzle with mixed insert for cleaning wet and dry debris from hard and carpeted floors. It has a crevice nozzle for extracting dirt from narrow spaces. For expanding the cleaning area, there are 3 suction tubes measuring 0.35 meter x 35 mm. The suction hose is bendable and measures 1.8 meter x 35 mm.

The WD 1 is available in 2 models, one has filter bags and the other has a cartridge filter. Whatever model you choose, just remember the following important points. First, there are separate filters and filter bags for handling different kinds of waste. For wet waste there is a foam filter. For coarse dry soiling there is a cartridge filter, a textile filter bag and a paper filter bag. For cleaning fine dust, the manufacturer suggests using the paper filter bag.

Second, when the bag is full, it must be removed and replaced with a new one.

Third, if the bag or the suction hose gets clogged, it might slow down suction. Therefore, you need to check these for blockages and remove obstructions with a stick.

Fourth, the foam filter can be washed with water. The cartridge filters and filter bags must not be washed. To remove dirt from them, gently tap them on a hard surface to shake off the debris. The plastic container/canister can also be rinsed in water. Avoid using harsh detergents; a mild cleaning agent will do.

Fifth, do not immerse the vacuum cleaner in water or hose it down. You can wipe it with a wet cloth if necessary, but do not pour water on it as it is not waterproof.

All filters and filter bags are included in the package.

The Karcher WD 1 has a yellow and black body with a cylindrical plastic drum. Without the accessories it weighs 3.7 kg. Its overall dimensions are: 331 mm (L) x 352 mm (W) x 461 mm (H). Standard accessory ID is 35 mm.

The device has onboard accessory storage. You can wind up and store the power cable on the hook provided on the gadget. You can also keep the suction nozzles on the parking points allotted for them.

Key Features :

  • Compact lightweight canister vacuum cleaner.
  • 1000-watt motor, 15-liter plastic container, 160 air watts suction force.
  • Textile filter bag and paper filter bag for dry waste, foam filter for wet waste.
  • Casters and handle, suction and blower, onboard accessory storage.
  • Universal clips wet and dry floor nozzle with mixed inserts, crevice nozzle, 3 extension tubes, flexible suction hose.

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