iRobot 800 Series Roomba 866 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

iRobot 800 Series Roomba 866 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

If you are tired of your maid failing to show up for work every few days, maybe it is time you thought of an alternative solution. If you do not have the time to do the cleaning yourself, we suggest you try a robot vacuum cleaner. It is a smart self-navigating floor cleaner. It sweeps and dusts under beds and tables with effortless ease. It charges itself and avoids staircases, obstacles and clutter.

In this segment, we are going to introduce you to the iRobot 800 Series Roomba 866 vacuum cleaning robot. iRobot is a path-breaking robot home appliances company. It was founded in 1990 in Bedford, Massachusetts by roboticists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with the vision of furthering research and development in the field of robotics for military and domestic purposes. The Roomba 866 is one of its best robotic home cleaners. It has intuitive navigation and a high-efficiency filter that captures up to 99% allergens as small as 10 micron. It has a 3-stage dirt removal system and sensors for detecting dirt.

Let us analyze the technology and design of the Roomba 866 in a little more detail.

Technology And Design

The iRobot 800 Series Roomba 866 is a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner. It has a full suite of highly sensitive sensors that pick out dirt and obstacles. It has an advanced iAdapt Responsive Navigation system. The sensors guide the robot around the house. They chart out a road map for the robot, avoiding furniture, clutter, walls and doors. The robot sticks to the map and cleans the floors with deft efficiency. It cleans one room after another and does not repeat any spot it has already cleaned.

The robot has sensors that can detect a drop in the surface such as a step going down. The sensors are located at the bottom of the robot and they constantly measure the distance between the bottom panel of the robot and the floor. If the distance suddenly increases, it means the robot is partially over a step or a drop and needs to turn and change its path. Drop-detect sensors keep the device from tumbling down stairs or getting stuck in a hole on the floor.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a 3-stage cleaning system for rooting out dust, mud, loose debris, pet hair and human hair. It works on all types of floors including carpeted, tiled, marbled, granite, laminate and hardwood. The machine features Tangle-Free AeroForce Extractors with a special rubber tread design that cleans floors without leaving marks. They grab dirt from all floor types without causing tangles. They have low maintenance and are excellent for everyday use.

The robot also has side spinning brushes that lift dust embedded in cracks and corners. It scrapes up dirt lodged along wall edges and hidden nooks and crannies. The vacuum delivers up to 50% more cleaning than other models. It has five times the suction force of previous Roomba models.  

The Roomba 866 is simple to use. Just press the ‘clean’ button and it starts vacuuming. You have the option to schedule future cleanings too. You can program the device to vacuum once every day for up to seven times a week. Just set the timings and the robot will do the cleaning at the appointed hour and day. You won’t have to remind or prompt it. It will automatically activate itself and start vacuuming.

The Roomba 866 is more than a vacuum cleaner. It removes impurities from the air and lowers indoor air pollution. It is fitted with a High-efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter that intercepts up to 99% air contaminants of size 10 micron and larger. It is very effective against dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, spores, bacteria, soil particles, lint and cigarette ash. It traps the particles as they float in with the sucked-up air and prevents them from escaping back into the room air. This filter is very useful and goes a long way in keeping infections and allergies at bay.

The gadget concentrates on areas that are dirtier than the rest and vacuums them more vigorously. The sensors pick out high-dirt areas like doorways and kitchens which are then cleaned with greater intensity.  

The gadget automatically charges itself between cleanings. It has a built-in NiMH rechargeable battery and a Home Base charging station. When the battery begins to diminish, the robot returns to its docking station and charges itself. Once the power is up, it resumes its chores and starts cleaning from the place where it had left off.

The robot is a bagless vacuum cleaner. It has a dust collector that holds the debris until later disposal. It is easy to empty and clean. A bin full indicator lets you know when the bin is full and needs emptying. Timely garbage disposal keeps up the performance of the machine and helps it stay in good working condition.

The Roomba 866 has an elegant grey and black enclosure. It is 9.2 cm high which means it easily slides under beds and sofas to clean remote wall edges and corners. It has a diameter of 35.3 cm and weighs 3.8 kg. The robot cleans an entire floor of your house without any human supervision. It has durable wheels that are gentle on floor surfaces. It has a tough exterior that protects it from accidental knocks and impact.

There is a two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on the robot and a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on the battery.

The package includes the robotic vacuum cleaner, a Home Base charging station and a user manual.

Please note that the device is only meant for dry vacuuming. It should not be used to mop up spilled liquids like water and beverages. The AeroForce Extractors are designed to lift dust and loose dry dirt only.  

The Roomba 866 is pet-friendly and is suitable for houses with pets. Its vacuuming mechanism expertly roots out pet hair and fluff from secluded spaces.

The manufacturer recommends changing the air filter once every 3 or 4 months depending on the frequency of use and the amount of dirt in the house. For people with pets, it advises changing it every two months. The side brushes should be replaced about once every two months.

Key Features :

  • Robot vacuum cleaner with iAdapt Navigation System, dry vacuuming only.
  • Rubber AeroForce Extractors, side spinning brushes, 3-stage dirt removal system.
  • Up to 5 times the suction of previous Roomba models, sensors for detecting dirt, drops.
  • HEPA filter removes up to 99% allergens as small as 10 micron, pet-friendly.
  • Self-charging, includes Home Base charging station, can be programmed to clean on a schedule.

Pro Tips : If you want to super clean your apartment or office floor, then we recommend you to check the wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

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