iLife X620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot with GPS Review

iLife X620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot With GPS

If you step into an electronics store to buy a vacuum cleaner, you will be amazed at the variety of options in front of you. From handheld to canister to upright to stick to robot vacuum cleaners – the choice is endless. While each vacuum has its uses, the one that requires the least amount of physical effort is the robot. It does all the cleaning by itself and needs very little human supervision. All you have to do is turn on the power button and it goes about its business and vacuums every room in a floor with smooth efficiency.

In this segment, we are going to talk about the iLife X620, one of the best robot vacuum cleaner in India. It is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in India in the budget category. It boasts Virtual Wall technology and GPS. It has intelligent sensors, 3D mapping and automatic charging. It cleans both dry and wet waste.

Let us go over the features and functions of the iLife X620 robot vacuum cleaner.

Technology and Design:

The iLife X620 is an intuitive home cleaner. It has a powerful motor that generates a suction force of 1200 Pascal. It uproots hardened debris buried deep inside carpets, corners and floor edges. It is suitable for use on carpeted, wooden, laminate, tiled, marbled and granite floors.

The gadget is armed with Pro I-MOVE Navigation system which enables it to pick its way around a place without bumping into walls and furniture. It has advanced features like 3D Mapping and Zig-Zag Working Mode for maneuvering around objects, sweeping up debris from in between tables and chairs and other narrow spaces. It does not repeat a path it has already taken. It cleans a floor intelligently without wasting time and electricity on repetitive movements.

The robot cleaner has Gyroscope Navigation. It relies on advanced gyro sensors to map its cleaning route. The sensors alert the device when there is a staircase or a drop ahead, and prompt it to change direction to avoid a fall. The sensors also tell the vacuum when it has rolled over a carpet so that it can increase its suction speed. In other words, the iLife X620 knows the nature of the surface it is cleaning and automatically adjusts its suction to suit the surface.

The appliance uses infrared rays to calculate the walking co-ordinates from an obstacle in real-time to change direction in advance. There is a function called Virtual Wall which you can activate to create an illusion of a real wall so that the robot does not proceed beyond a certain point. The infrared rays create a make-believe wall to keep the device from entering certain areas like nurseries and patios.

The iLife X620 is a self-charging robot vacuum cleaner. It is fitted with a 2600mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery which offers a continuous operating time of 140 minutes. When the charge begins to drop, the robot returns to its charging station and recharges its battery. It takes around 300 minutes for the battery to be fully charged. Once it hits 100%, the robot leaves the docking station and goes back to the spot where it had last cleaned and resumes vacuuming.

The gadget has a V-shaped rolling tangle-free rubber brush that scoops up all kinds of dirt. It mops dry and wet waste with equal efficiency. It prevents hair from getting enmeshed in the inlet. The machine has a 300 ml dust bowl for storing debris during cleaning. For wet waste, it has a 300 ml water box. There is a pair of side spinning brushes as well. They remove dirt trapped in wall edges and corners.

The vacuum cleaner has an ultra-thin housing. It is only 2.7 inches tall and easily slides under sofas and beds. It has an anti-scratch tempered glass cover for added protection. The device is 310 mm in diameter. It has a pinkish rose gold color that makes it stand out from other models which normally are either grey or black. It is portable and weighs just 2.5 kg.

The iLife X620 has a standard US plug and 15 degree gradeability. Rated voltage is 14.8 volts and rated power is 22 watts. The machine sweeps and mops floors without leaving water marks or residual debris. For best performance, we suggest you vacuum the floor first and then mop it. Remove the mop holder and sweep the floor to get rid of dry debris. Then fill the water tank, attach the mop head and start mopping.

The robot vacuum cleaner has a special Max Mode for deep-cleaning surfaces. It has a remote controller for easier usability. It also has a timer function which saves battery life and allows you to use the cleaner as per your requirement. Maximum sound of the iLife X620 does not cross 50 dB. So, you won’t have loud jarring sounds disturbing your daily routine.

The package includes the robot vacuum cleaner, a charging cord, a remote controller, virtual navigation bumper wall, a high-efficiency filter, side brush, Home Base charging station and user manual.

Key Features :

  • Robot vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning.
  • 300 ml dust cup, 300 ml water bowl, side-spinning brushes, V-shaped rolling tangle-free rubber brush.
  • Gyroscope Navigation, Virtual Wall technology, Pro I-MOVE Navigation system, 3D Mapping.
  • Suction force 1200 Pa, automatic charging, includes Home Base charging station and remote control.
  • Only 2.7 inches high, anti-scratch tempered glass cover, 140 minutes cleaning time per charge.

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