iLife V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping Review

iLife V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping

The last item on our list is the iLife V5s Pro vacuuming robot. It is a versatile home cleaner with sweeping, mopping and scrubbing functions. It is expert at cleaning dry and wet waste. For regular household cleaning, we highly recommended this product. It is not very expensive and easy to use and maintain. It charges itself automatically. It moves intuitively. It vacuums all kinds of soft and hard floors. It has a number of cleaning modes and schedule cleaning option.

iLife V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping on the floor

Let us understand the technologies driving the iLife V5s Pro.

Technology And Design :

The iLife V5s Pro is a high-quality vacuum cleaning robot. It picks up dry and wet debris. It is suitable for cleaning dust, dust bunnies, sand, animal and human hair, food crumbs and small pieces of paper. It mops up liquid spills and scrubs stains off floors.

The vacuum cleaner has a pair of rotating side brushes that lift dirt and channel it towards the inlet. The suction then draws in the garbage and dumps it in the inner dust chamber. The brushes have long bristles for accessing tight corners and crevices. They scoop up even hidden dirt and leave your floor spotlessly clean.

iLife V5s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The iLife V5s Pro is fitted with an onboard 300 ml water tank and a 350 cmmopping cloth. It has iDropping technology which ensures a thorough wet cleaning. There are 2 nozzles on the underbelly of the vacuum cleaner that continuously release water to keep the cloth wet during mopping sessions. They only spray water when the robot is moving along its route. When it pauses, the spray stops too. This helps conserve water and you don’t have to refill the tank too frequently. Plus, it prevents damage to the floor and safeguards the machine from mechanical overload.

The mop cloth is made of microfiber which is highly absorbent, and hence, perfect for cleaning liquids from hard floors. It also requires less water and cleans without leaving water marks. The tank allows mopping for up to 80 minutes in a space of up to 180 m2.

The iLife V5s Pro is equipped with a group of sensors for navigation. They help it avoid barriers, clutter and drops. It recognizes walls and furniture when it approaches them, and reroutes on time. It has Cliff detect sensors that prevent it from taking a fall. It identifies other obstructions like people sitting on the floor and general clutter, and maneuvers around these. It doesn’t bump into doorways and table legs. It picks its way carefully and very rarely knocks against things.

The robotic vacuum cleaner has an extra-slim cabinet. It comfortably slides under low-rise furniture like sofas and futons. It is 3 inches high and 11.8 inches across (diameter). It has an eye-catching titanium gold shade. It weighs 4.5 lbs. The front part of the vacuum features a thick bumper for cushioning accidental knocks. It absorbs the pressure from the impact and makes sure the main gadget stays safe.

There are 2 ways to charge the vacuum cleaner: manual and automatic. It is powered by a group of 4 built-in rechargeable lithium ion batteries that charge through the included charging station. When the charge starts to diminish, the device returns to the charging dock and charges itself. When the battery is full, it goes back to cleaning, picking up where it had left off. Power rating of the vacuum is 22 watts and voltage rating is AC 100-240 volts, 50/60 Hz.

The appliance has several cleaning modes to suit different cleaning needs. It has Spot Cleaning which is great for cleaning a small area with concentrated dirt more thoroughly. There is Schedule Cleaning mode which lets you fix the timing of future cleanings. There is Auto Cleaning in which the robot automatically cleans the entire space using its intelligent sensors to detect dirt and guide its path. Finally, there is Edge Cleaning for when you want the machine to focus only on the edges around the house like the edges along furniture and walls.

The iLife V5s Pro vacuum cleaning robot is easy to control. To start it, you need to press the Clean button provided on the top panel. There are LED indicators next to the button to show the power on/off status and activation of cleaning modes. It has an enhanced brushless motor that offers up to 5 times more suction power irrespective of the type of floor. It has a special Max mode which cranks up the suction to a staggering 850 Pa.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter for trapping allergens and keeping the house free of dust. It also has a remote control. Noise level is very low and seldom crosses 50 dB. Capacity of the dust chamber is 300 ml. If is large enough to hold debris on regular household cleanings.

12 months Warranty period of this product.

Key Features :

  • 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner with dry and wet debris cleaning ability.
  • 300 ml dust chamber, 300 ml water tank, iDropping technology, 350 cmmopping cloth.
  • Mops up to 180 m2 for 80 minutes, Cliff Detect sensors, manual and automatic charging.
  • Includes charging station, 4 built-in lithium ion batteries, 850 Pa suction at Max mode.
  • Cleaning modes: Edge, Spot, Auto, Schedule, only 3 inches high, includes remote control.

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