Hindware Nevio 90 Auto-Clean Wall-Mounted Chimney Review

Hindware Nevio 90 Auto-Clean Wall-Mounted Chimney

Keeping a kitchen clean is not an easy job. Cooking Indian cuisine releases a lot of oil fumes that eventually end up on tiles, window grilles, cabinets and appliances. Your kitchen wears a grimy look and everything looks old and dirty.

One effective way to counter the ill-effects of oil smoke is to install a chimney in your kitchen. A chimney draws up cooking fumes and channels them out of the kitchen through ducts. It keeps your appliances and walls from becoming coated with grease, and help you keep your kitchen clean.

In this segment, we are going to talk about the Hindware Nevio 90, a popular kitchen chimney in India. Hindware is a leading kitchenware and sanitaryware manufacturer. The Nevio 90 is one of its foremost kitchen appliances. Let us go over the functions and features of the product in a little more detail.

Functions And Features :


The Hindware Nevio 90 is an affordable chimney for Indian kitchens. It has a 90-cm hood and a single baffle filter to root out grime and soot. It has a durable stainless steel body and touch-sensitive buttons.

The chimney has a suction power of 1200 m3/h. It has a metallic motor with a peak power of 180 watts. It ensures maximum suction force for faster ventilation. There are 3 suction speed levels. The metal blower is connected to the ducts. All the smoke taken in is directly vented out through the ducts.

The appliance has a single baffle filter made of stainless steel. It intercepts oil and food particles and lets out smoke and steam. The trapped impurities remain in the filter mesh and can be washed off later with water and soap/detergent. Baffle filters are very effective against grease. They are best suited for India kitchens as they witness a great deal of frying and sautéing. They are designed to last several years. They are easy to maintain. You can wash baffle filters with hot water. It softens the accumulated oil and makes it easy to clean. We suggest using a soft utensil scrubber and a mild detergent. Refrain from using harsh chemicals and abrasive steel scrubbers.

The Nevio 90 has a Heat Auto Clean system which uses heat to remove the oil stuck in the chimney. With just the press of a button the residual dirt inside the motor is removed. It is a convenient function that simplifies cleaning significantly.

The chimney has a built-in oil collector cup. Excess oil trickles down the filter panel and is collected in the cup for later disposal. The cup prevents oil from dripping out of the chimney hood and keeps the cooking area clean.

The device is wall-mountable and ducted. It has a stainless steel frame with a steel grey color. It has a smart minimalistic design that goes well with both modern modular kitchens and traditional Indian kitchens. The hood features a pair of 1.5 watt LED lamps that consume negligible power, but are highly luminous. They brighten up the area around the stove and greatly improve your cooking experience.  

The chimney hood is 90 cm wide. It is great for 3 to 5 burner hobtops. The overall dimensions of the chimney are: 90 cm (W) x 48 cm (D) x 54.8 cm (H).

The front side of the hood has touch control buttons and a display screen. There are buttons for power, regulating the suction speed, LED lamp on/off and Heat Auto Clean function.

The best thing about Hindware Nevio 90 is that it has a 5 year warranty on the motor and a 1 year comprehensive warranty on the overall product.

Key Features :

  • 90-cm kitchen chimney with Heat Auto Clean.
  • Single stainless steel baffle filter, metallic 180-watt motor.
  • Oil collector cup, touch control panel, dual LED lamps.
  • Maximum suction capacity 1200 m3/h, washable baffle filter.
  • Suitable for Indian households, stainless steel body, 3 suction speeds.

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