Healthgenie Hg 502 Oxygen Concentrator Review

Healthgenie Hg 502 Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a crucial respiratory device. It helps patients get more oxygen into their bodies. It is essential for people with breathing disorders, pregnant women, and the old and infirm.

In this subsection, we are going to introduce you to one of the best oxygen concentrators in India. It is the Healthgenie HG 502. It is a 5 liter oxygen machine for home use. It has wheels and can be lugged around from room to room. It has a flow meter that shows the purity of oxygen flowing out of the machine. It is easy to use and requires very little maintenance.

Let us go through the specifications and features of the machine in some more detail.

Specifications And Features :


The Healthgenie HG 502 is a reliable oxygen generator. It takes in ambient air and removes nitrogen to produce 93±3% oxygen. The air normally contains around 78% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. The HG 502 uses Pressure Swing Adsorption technology to separate oxygen from nitrogen. This technique is used for separating a gas from a mixture of gases. The prepositive air inlet brings cleaner oxygen. The filtered air passes through a bed of molecular sieves to separate the gases. The resulting air is rich in oxygen and fit for medical use. It is administered to the patient through tubes and nasal cannulas. It is meant for domestic use only. It is not a life-saving device, but an assisting device for everyday homecare. It is suitable for people with heart and lung disease, geriatric patients and pregnant women.

The HG 502 puts out a maximum of 5 liters of oxygen per minute. A flow meter in front shows the flow rate at any given point in time. There is a flow meter knob for regulating the amount of oxygen coming through the outlet. You can set the operation time to a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 8 hours. A display shows the amount of time the machine has been running. There are two timing buttons to increase and decrease the operation time.

An alcove with a transparent door is built into the machine to accommodate the humidifier bottle. You just have to open the door, place the humidifier bottle in the alcove and close the door. The door prevents the bottle from falling out. The oxygen outlet is located outside the alcove.

The Healthgenie HG 502 features a wraparound air inlet design for greater efficiency. It has incorporated multi-level noise reduction measures to keep noise to a minimum. Maximum sound level does not cross 55 dB.

The gadget is powered by electricity. It is compatible with wall power sockets and has a power consumption of 400 watts. It is a portable device with wheels for enhanced mobility. There are 2 handles built into the outer frame on the side panels for lifting and maneuvering the device.

The top panel of the HG 502 has a storage compartment. You can use it to store tubes and cannulas. It is a convenient way to keep the accessories clean, dust-free and close at hand.

The oxygen concentrator is 57.7 cm wide, 42.2 cm long and 74 cm high. It weighs 27.46 kg.

The machine includes extra filters and a nasal pipe.

Warranty period of the product is 24 months.

Key Features :

  • Portable oxygen concentrator for homecare.
  • Oxygen flow range 0.5-5 liters per minute, oxygen purity 93±3%, flow meter.
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, molecular sieves, covered humidifier bottle stand.
  • Min operating time 30 minutes, max 8 hours, display screen shows operating time.
  • Max noise 55 dB, wraparound air inlet design, multilevel noise reduction mechanism.

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