Healthgenie HG-301 Oxygen Concentrator Review

Healthgenie HG-301 Oxygen Concentrator

If you are looking for an affordable oxygen machine for home use, we recommend the Healthgenie HG-301. It is dependable, easy to use and has less maintenance. It does not require any installation. The gadget has strong castors and two handles for better portability. It has a compact box-like design and comfortably slides into tight spaces. It is great for houses with space constraints.

Let us take a closer look at the functions and design of the HG-301 oxygen generator.

Functions And Design :

The Healthgenie HG-301 is designed for domestic use. It is assistive in nature and helps patients breathe more easily. It is useful for treating cardiovascular and respiratory disorders. It is also suitable for pregnant women and the elderly.

The machine is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. This technology involves passing ambient air through a high-density molecular sieve bed. This bed acts as a filter for trapping nitrogen. The remaining air contains high amount of oxygen as most of the other gases are removed. The machine produces oxygen with a purity level of 93% give or take 3%. It is ideal for homecare therapies and treatment.

Maximum flow of the HG-301 is 3 liter per minute and minimum flow is 0.5 liter per minute. A flow meter shows you the oxygen flow rate at any point of time. A flow meter knob is provided so you can control the airflow as per your need. There is a change in maximum recommended flow (<0.5 L/min) when back pressure of 7 kpa is applied.

Minimum working time of the machine is 30 minutes and maximum working time is 8 hours. There are 2 timer buttons for increasing and decreasing the working time. A display shows the number of minutes the device has worked since being powered on. This helps you keep track of the amount of time the patient has been using the device.

A special stand in the form of an alcove is built into the machine’s front for holding the humidifier. It offers a safe and stable place for the bottle. A transparent door covers the alcove, preventing the bottle from accidentally falling off. The process of fixing and removing the bottle is very simple. You just need to detach it from the tube, fill it with clean filtered water and put it back on.

Healthgenie HG-301 Oxygen Concentrator Functions And Design

The Healthgenie HG-301 has timing power-off function which shuts down the device when the preset time elapses. It has power loss function which also shuts down the system in case of power cut. The compressor has thermal protection which protects it from high temperature. A nebulizer function is also available. Maximum nebulization rate is ≥0.15ml per minute.

The gadget makes very less noise, generally staying within 55 dB. It has multilevel noise-masking measures for preventing machine sounds from getting out. It runs on electricity. It has an electric classification of Class 2, type BF application part.

The oxygen concentrator is accompanied by one set of nasal oxygen cannula, one set filter core and one set nebulizer (7f-3w).

The housing of the oxygen concentrator is made of high-quality plastic. It measures 58.16 cm in width, 74.93 cm in length, and 42 cm in height. It weighs 24 kg. It has wheels for greater portability. It has two handles on either side of the cabinet for holding and guiding the machine into a suitable parking position.

Warranty period of the gadget is 24 months. It can be extended by 12 additional months by paying an extra amount. According to the manufacturer, if the device is internally burnt due to fluctuation or misuse, the warranty shall stand void. Please note, since pure oxygen is highly inflammable, the user is advised to keep the device away from naked flames, heaters and electrical sparks.

Key Features :

  • Portable oxygen generator for home use.
  • 93±3% oxygen purity, oxygen flow range 0.5-3 liter per minute.
  • Operating time range 30 minutes to 8 hours, flow meter, flow meter regulator.
  • Transparent guard door over humidifier bottle stand, nebulizer function, display, wheels and handles.

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