Glen Designer Chimney 6062 SX Touch Sensor Review

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Indian food is rich in oil, ghee and butter. There is a lot of frying, grilling and sautéing that goes into the process of preparing a meal. Needless to say, it produces large amounts of smoke, steam and oil fumes, which require immediate ventilation. If these substances are allowed to accumulate inside the house, they can cause breathing problems and also ruin the interiors of the kitchen.

A kitchen chimney is the best way to get rid of cooking smoke and odors. It is very effective in sucking out grease and hot steam released during cooking. It prevents deposition of oil on surfaces and keeps the cooking areas squeaky clean.

If you have a small kitchen and you are wondering which chimney you should buy, we would recommend the Glen 6062 SX Touch Sensor. It is a powerful chimney with an Italian motor and an airflow of 750 m3/h. It has a touch-control panel, LED lamps and stainless steel baffle filters. Let us take a closer look at the technology and design of the chimney.

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Technology And Design

The Glen 6062 SX is a sophisticated chimney. It is 60 cm in size and is suitable for cooktops with 2 to 4 burners. It has a flat hood that covers the stove completely for rapid and efficient expulsion of smoke. The chimney has an airflow rate of 750 m3/h. It can ventilate an area of 100 square feet in minutes. It is designed to eliminate oil smoke and moisture, and hence, is ideal for Indian style cooking.

The chimney has a 100% pure copper winding Italian motor. It has a maximum power of 155 watts. It pumps out large plumes of polluted air from the cooking area, and prevents heat and humidity from building up inside the kitchen. The housing of the motor and the fan are made from non-inflammable flame retardant plastic for greater safety and durability. The motor generates very less noise and stays within 53 dB.

The Glen 6062 SX has two baffle filters that intercept solid and liquid particles present in the air stream. The unique multi-layer curved design of the panels makes the air cut and chop through a curved path, changing direction rapidly. This causes the smoke and moisture to separate from the oil and solid spice particles. As oil and spices are heavier than air, they are unable to move fast and get stuck in the curved pathway of the filter panel.

The dirt collected in the filter can be cleaned from time to time depending on use. Baffle filters are washable and reusable. They last a lifetime and are therefore extremely cost-effective. To wash filter, detach the panels from the frame and soak them in hot water for a few minutes to soften the hardened grease. Then, scrub the panels gently with a utensil scrubber and dishwashing soap. Rinse in clean tap water and put them out to dry. You can also wash the panels in a dishwasher. Once they are dry, attach them to the frame and you are all set.

The Glen 6062 SX Touch Sensor is a wall-mounted chimney with a futuristic design. It has a sleek contemporary straight-glass hood with parts of stainless steel. It has a dark toughened glass panel in front. There are 3 suction speeds and you can adjust them according to your need.

Two LED lamps built into the hood add brightness to the cooking area. The chimney has touch-sensitive buttons with built-in illumination. There is a button for power, another for the lamps and three for suction speed.

The appliance is 60 cm wide, 52 cm deep and 60 cm high. It weighs 14 kg. It has a current of 1.5 Amp and a voltage of 220 – 240 volts, 50 Hz.

The product has a one-year warranty on the touch control panel and overall lifetime warranty.

Please note that the Glen 6062 SX Touch Sensor is designed for light oil-based cooking, and not frequent heavy frying. Its airflow rate of 750 m3/h is suitable for cooking methods that involve less oil and ghee.

Key Features :

  • 155-watt touch control kitchen chimney with straight-glass hood.
  • Size 60 cm, two baffle filters, 750 m3/h airflow, suitable for light oil-based cooking.
  • Perfect for 2 to 4 burner hobtops, caters to 100 ft2 spaces, 2 LED lamps, 53 dB max sound.
  • 100% copper winding Italian motor with FRP housing, wall-mounted.

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