Faber Primus Energy Kitchen Chimney – Complete Review

Faber Primus Energy Kitchen Chimney Review

A great way to keep your kitchen grease-free is to install a good kitchen chimney with baffle filters. Baffle filters are known for their oil-reducing capability. They have a unique corrugated design which works to separate the oil from the smoke. The panel retains the oil while the smoke and vapor are routed out through the exhaust. Chimneys with baffle filters are ideal for Indian kitchens. They keep the indoor air fresh and the kitchen grime-free.

In this segment, we are going to introduce you to the Faber Primus 60, a market leader in the baffle filter chimney category. It has a powerful motor that generates a suction of 1500 m3/h. It is 60 cm in size and is perfect for cooktops with 2, 3 or 4 burners. Let us examine the technology and features of the Faber Primus 60.

Faber Primus Energy Kitchen Chimney

Technology And Features

The Faber Primus is a 60 cm chimney with 3 layers of baffle filters. It removes smoke, grease, steam and odors from small to medium-sized kitchens. It has a strong motor that consumes less power, generates less noise and lasts longer.

The filter panels have a special curved surface which creates a zig-zag path for the incoming air. As the air navigates this path, it is forced to make sudden chopping movements which cause the oil to separate from the smoke and the moisture. The oil stays trapped inside the filter panel while the smoke and steam are vented into the outside.

The Faber Primus 60 has Heat Auto Clean technology which makes it easier to clean the chimney. You don’t have to frequently remove the filter panels and manually wash them. Just press the Auto Clean button when needed and the device will automatically collect the oil locked inside it in an oil collector. Then, all you have to do is empty the collector, wash it with a bit of dishwashing liquid and clip it back into the chimney frame.

Once in 4 or 6 months you can wash the filter panels. Take boiling water in a basin and soak the panels in it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Scrub with a mild dishwashing liquid, baking soda or caustic soda, and rinse off with clean water. Allow them to dry fully before putting them back on again.

The Primus has a smart black frame with a glass front panel and a curved glass top. It has touch-sensitive buttons and a pair of LED lamps with a power consumption of 1.5 watts each. The suction capacity of the chimney is 1500 m3/h. It is more than your average chimney and is therefore suitable for heavy-duty Indian cooking. It ventilates more smoke and is faster and more efficient than most of its competitors.

The Primus 60 has a wattage of 250 watts and a voltage of 230 volts. Noise level of the device is also low. It seldom crosses 58 dB.

The product has a warranty of 5 years on the motor.

Key Features :

  • Best kitchen chimney for Indian cooking.
  • 3 layer baffle filter, 1500 m3/h suction capacity, Heat Auto Clean technology.
  • Curved glass top, touch control panel, two 1.5-watt LED lamps.
  • 5 year motor warranty, 58 dB max sound.

Pro Tips : Install an exhaust fan in kitchen for better circulation of the air.

A good vacuum cleaner also helps to make your household neat & clean.

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