Elica WD HAC Touch BF 60 Kitchen Chimney Review

Elica WD HAC Touch BF 60 Kitchen Chimney

Most Indian homes today have open kitchens. While they have their benefits – they are aesthetically more pleasing and make the house look much bigger – they also have some limitations. The foremost amongst these is the fact that the living room often fills up with smoke during cooking as there are no walls to keep the smoke inside the kitchen. This problem can be solved by installing a kitchen chimney above the hob. The chimney will suck up the smoke and expel it from the house. It will keep your kitchen and living room area smoke-free, and your walls and cabinets clean.

In this segment, we are going to analyze a leading kitchen chimney, the Elica 60. It is a baffle filter chimney with a suction rate of 1200 m3/h. It is excellent for Indian kitchens that witness a lot of heavy frying and grilling. Let us take a closer look at the features and functions of the Elica 60.

Elica 60 Kitchen Chimney

Technology And Design

The Elica 60 is a powerful 180-watt chimney with an airflow rate of 1200 m3/h. It features stainless steel baffle filters which are very effective against oil fumes. The filter consists of multiple curved layers through which the smoke passes in a zig-zag fashion. This unique movement causes the air to chop and change direction in sudden spurts and as a result the oil present in the air is separated from the smoke and water vapor. The oil droplets stick to the filter panel while the remaining air is pushed out through the exhaust pipe and ejected from the house.

Baffle filters are the best kind of filters for Indian ‘tadka’ style of cooking. They pull out all the oily smoke released during cooking and prevent it from forming a greasy layer on everything from kitchen tiles to counter tops to appliances.

The filter panels of the Elica 60 are designed for lifetime use and can be reused any number of times. The chimney has Heat Auto Clean technology which makes it super easy to clean. All you have to do is push a button and the unit heats up causing the trapped grease to liquefy and slide off and collect in an oil collector fitted inside the chimney.

When the collector fills up, you can remove it and empty it. You can also wash it with water and soap before putting it back. This method greatly reduces your work of cleaning and maintaining the chimney. The device cleans itself and you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

The Elica 60 has an elegant black body with a glass front. It blends in effortlessly with the décor of most Indian kitchens. It has a smooth touch control panel with illuminated buttons. There is a pair of LED lamps to brighten up the hob top for better visibility. They are high on illumination but consume only 3 watts each.

The chimney is 60 cm wide, 44.5 cm deep and 49 cm high. It does not occupy a whole lot of space and remains discretely mounted to the wall over the stove. It is suitable for kitchen with 2 to 4 stoves or burners. The appliance works silently and does not produce more than 58 dB.

The product has 5 years warranty on the motor and 1 year comprehensive warranty from the date of purchase. The installation kit is free. It includes a 9-10 feet aluminum duct pipe, clamp, cowl cover, aluminum tape and other mounting parts. The manufacturer recommends an exhaust pipe with a diameter of 6 inches for ducting which is mandatory for this chimney.  

Key Features :

  • 180-watt kitchen chimney with stainless steel baffle filters.
  • 1200 m3/h max suction rate, touch control panel, 2 LED lamps of 3 watts each.
  • Heat Auto Clean technology, wall-mountable, suitable for Indian cooking.

Pro Tips : Exhaust fan is a must have in your kitchen. Buy one today.

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