Crompton Greaves Ozone 88-Litre Desert Cooler Review

Crompton Greaves Ozone 88-Litre Desert Cooler

Air coolers come in various makes. Some are built for small rooms, some for big halls. Some mount to windows and some are stood on floors. In this segment, we are going to talk about a top-selling desert cooler by Compton Greaves. Desert coolers are high-capacity air coolers for large rooms. They have the largest water tanks among all air coolers. They provide super-fast cooling and throw cool air over distances as long as 50 feet.

The Crompton Greaves Ozone 88-litre air cooler is one of the most popular desert coolers in India. It is best suited for Indian summers. It caters to large spaces like living rooms, classrooms, conference halls and stores. It is portable and has adjustable speed settings.

Let us understand the usage, design and features of the Ozone air cooler.

Design And Usage

The Crompton Greaves Ozone is a formidable desert cooler. It has a massive 88-litre water tank for non-stop marathon cooling. It has an air delivery rate of 4200 m3/h which is suitable for medium to large rooms. The device has a cooling area of 5414 ft3 which roughly translates to around 500 to 550 ft2. Therefore, it is ideal for large indoor spaces like drawing cum dining rooms, halls and office spaces.

The cooler has honeycomb cooling pads. They provide faster evaporation and last longer than other cooling materials. The pads are positioned on three sides of the cooler for maximum evaporation. They are removable and can be washed and reused. There is an ice chamber on the top panel for extra-chilled cooling. It is a savior during hot summer months when the air becomes very dry and hot. it let you put ice cubes for instant chilled breeze and greater comfort.

The Ozone desert cooler has an air-throw distance of 52 feet which is long enough to cover most remote corners in a room. It has vertical and horizontal louvers with automatic swing motion for constant air supply. They dispense air in 4 directions for more even cooling. They make sure cool air reaches every nook and corner of the room and no space is left out.

The device has adjustable airflow speed. There are 3 levels: low, medium and high. You can pour in fresh water through the water inlet in front. A water drain plug is available at the bottom of the tank for removing dirty water while cleaning the tank. An automatic water level indicator tells you how much water is in the tank. It lets you keep a tab on the water level and refill the tank on time.

The Ozone cooler is a portable air cooler. It has 5 rotating castors wheels for easy movement from one place to another. There are two handles built into the side of the housing for holding and pushing the device. The enclosure is white and grey. A round vent in front projects cool air through motorized louvers while hot air in taken in from outside through the back and side panels.

On top of the cabinet is a pair of knobs for managing air speed, pump and swing motion of the louvers. The body of the cooler is made of ABS and thermoplastic materials. It is completely rust-proof and is protected against water marks. It does not allow deposition of particles that leave water stains. The outer surface of the cabinet is smooth and easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth and you are good.

The appliance has a high-quality motor with Motor Overload Protection. It safeguards the motor from sudden surges in voltage. The motor consumes only 190 watts. It is easier on your wallet and hardly makes a difference to your monthly electricity bill. The gadget works with inverters. So, in case there’s a power outage, you can continue to enjoy cool air without any interruptions.

The cooler measures 610 mm x 405 mm x 1200 mm. It has a warranty period of 1 year.  

The manufacturer recommends keeping the tank clean. Care must be taken to not allow water to stagnate as it might encourage breeding of mosquitoes. Keep doors and windows open to facilitate cross air circulation. A room with poor air circulation lowers the rate of evaporation in the pads and hampers the effectiveness of the cooler. So, make sure you let in fresh air as much as you can to keep up the performance of the device.

Key Features :

  • 190-watt 88-liter desert air cooler for large rooms.
  • Cools an area of 5414 ft3, air delivery rate of 4200 m3/h, 52 feet air-throw distance.
  • 3-sided honeycomb cooling media, 4-way air deflection, 3 airflow speeds, water level indicator.
  • Automatic swing louvers, Motor Overload Protector, Inverter-ready, ice chamber.
  • Portable, 5 castor wheels, carry handles, rust-proof ABS and thermoplastic body.

Pro Tips : Air conditioning systems are better option for humid summers in India.

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