Crompton Greaves Ozone 75 Desert Air Cooler Review

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75 Desert Air Cooler Review

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75 Desert Air Cooler

Air coolers are a smart way to escape the summer heat. But in order to get the most out of your cooler, it is important that it matches your room size. If you have a small room, a personal cooler or a tower cooler would be the best option. If you have a large room, you should go for a desert cooler.

In this segment, we are going to analyze the Crompton Greaves Ozone 75, a top-selling desert air cooler. It has a massive 75-liter water reservoir and powerful air delivery. It is best suited for large halls, stores, classrooms and living rooms. Let us go through the design and features of the Ozone 75 desert air cooler and understand what makes it so effective.

Design and usage

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75 Desert Air Cooler - Design, Features and usage

The Crompton Greaves Ozone 75 is a formidable desert air cooler. It has a large 75-liter water tank for extended use. It cools a space of 5414 ft3 and is suitable for rooms with an area of 550 ft2. The Ozone 75 is perfect for spacious dining halls and bedrooms. It can be used at home and in offices. It has an air delivery of 4600m3/h which is sufficient for cooling large spaces. It has an air-throw distance of 52 feet for longer reach.

The air cooler has automatic oscillating louvers with 4-way air deflection. There are horizontal and vertical louvers and they distribute cool air evenly throughout the room. The air speed can be adjusted using the knob on the control panel. It has 3 speed levels: low, medium and high.

The Ozone 75 has a honeycomb cooling medium. The pads are placed on 3 sides of the housing for enhanced cooling. A water inlet is provided in front for pouring in fresh water. A water level indicator shows the amount of water in the tank at any given point. It is a useful feature and lets you keep an eye on the water so it never runs out. An ice chamber is built into the top panel for adding ice cubes for instant icy cool breeze.

The Ozone 75 desert cooler has Motor Overload Protector for long-lasting performance. It has a smart rust-free grey plastic body with castors for easy mobility. The outer surface of the cabinet is smooth, and easy to wipe and clean. A water drain plug is also available. It empties the tank and lets you clean it more thoroughly.

Power consumption of the Crompton Greaves Ozone 75 is 190 watts which is not very high. It won’t set you back by much and your electricity bill will most likely not exceed its usual range. The device is inverter-ready and works through power outages. It has 230 volts of  operating voltage. Dimensions of the Ozone 75 desert cooler are: 61 cm (length) x 40.5 cm (breadth) x 120 cm (height). It weighs 14.5 kg. Warranty period is 1 year.

Key Features :

  • 75-liter 190-watt desert air cooler.
  • Cooling space 5414 ft3, suitable for rooms up to 550 ft2, 4600m3/h air delivery.
  • 52-feet air-throw distance, automatic oscillating louvers, 4-way air deflection, 3 speed levels.
  • Honeycomb cooling pads, water level indicator, ice chamber, inverter-ready, Motor Overload Protector.

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