Best Car Air Purifier In India [ 2020 Updated List ]

Best Car Air Purifier To Buy In India

Roads and traffic junctions are hotbeds of air pollution. They are characterized by poor air quality and the distinctive smell of burnt gasoline. Combustion of fossil fuels in automobile engines releases toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, lead and ozone into the atmosphere. This poses a health risk to those who spend a lot of time in cars. And when it is combined with in-car smoking and pets in the backseat, the problem only gets compounded.

If you spend a good amount of time driving to and from work in your car, we suggest you consider getting yourself a car air purifier. It will help shield you and your family from the harmful effects of air pollution. A car air cleaner removes air-borne contaminants and makes the air safer for respiration. It prevents dust and germs from entering the body and causing diseases.

Car air purification is imperative for those who live in cities and towns where air pollution is the highest. It is useful for anyone who spends a greater part of their day riding in cars. Asthmatics and people with allergies can benefit greatly from the use of car air purifiers. Pet owners can also keep their cars free of pet dander, and smokers, of cigarette smoke, by installing car air cleaners in their vehicles.

Vantro Smart Car Air Purifier

The Vantro Smart car air purifier is one of the best car air purifiers in the market. It’s technology is based on ionization, HEPA filtration and activated carbon odor control. The device takes in impure air from the bottom inlet and releases fresh air from the top outlet using a 360° air dispensing mechanism. There are 3 speed levels so you can regulate the intensity of purification as required.

The Vantro air purifier produces 10 million negative ions that attach themselves to allergens present in the air. Once the bond is formed, they become heavy and float down to the floor from where they can be removed through cleaning. The HEPA filter traps particulate matter like PM 2.5, PM 10, bacteria, pollen and mold. The activated carbon layer tackles odors and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde.

Apart from filtering the air, the purifier also provides real-time data on air quality, humidity and temperature. A smart illuminated colorful LED display shows the information in large readable fonts.

The air purifier has a universal Android interface for easy USB charging. It needs a low DC 5V input voltage. Hook it up to any power source such as a car charge, power-bank or laptop and you are good to go. The control panel is touch sensitive. Simply tap once to turn on and turn off the device.    

Airspa Car Air Purifier

The Airspa car air purifier is a top-quality air purification device with a CADR of 7m3/h. It has an Active Loader Waylay Filter system. It cleans the air in your car using a high performance 360ᵒ HEPA filter and a negative ion generator.

The HEPA filter removes ultra-fine particulate matter with diameters of 0.3 micrometer and greater. It is effective against PM 2.5, PM 10, bacteria, viruses, pollen spores, formaldehyde, benzene, smoke and stenches. The ionizer neutralizes the air by generating a dense cloud of negatively charged gas ions (50 million ions/cm3). This cloud attracts pollutants which are by nature positively charged.

The ion-pollutant couplets then become too heavy to remain suspended in the air and settle on surfaces from where they can vacuum-cleaned or dusted off. The Airspa car air purifier weighs 250 grams and has a super-convenient design. It fits most car cup holders and is easy to carry around.

Power consumption of the machine is 12 watts. It needs a 12 volt power supply such as a cigarette lighter socket and comes with a power cable. The air inlets at the base of the air purifier need to be kept free of obstruction at all times.

Nebelr Car Air Purifier

The Nebelr car air purifier is a powerful ionizer with 360° air purification. It releases a dense cloud of millions of negative ions that helps keep pollution inside your car under control. For people with breathing problems like COPD and asthma, a car ionizer can be a life-saver. If you find yourself stuck in traffic during your commute to and from work on a regular basis, installing a car air purifier like the Nebelr is a wise thing to do.

The gadget caters to a space of 30 m3. It produces around 10 million ions which form bonds with charged air contaminants. These ion-pollutant couplets then settle on surfaces inside the vehicle forming a film of fine dust on things. You can later wipe it off with a damp cloth or vacuum it to completely remove it from the car.

The Nebelr can eliminate most microscopic allergens such as PM 2.5, PM 10, pollen, fungal spores, pet dander, dust, dust mites and cigarette smoke. It does not use toxic chemicals and is safe for infants. A glowing LED ring gives the device an eye-catching look. It has an sturdy aluminum alloy body, 2 speeds levels and an Auto Start function.

GoMechanic Carbon C4 Low Noise Air Purifier

This next product is a high-quality car air purifier. It has a HEPA and activated carbon filter structure to combat air pollution. Equipped with intelligent TVOC sensors, the device continually studies the quality of air inside the car. A 4-mode adjustment system enables it to automatically change the purification gear according to how clean or dirty the air is.

The purifier has a 4-layer composite filter panel. It intercepts fine particulate matter like PM 2.5, PM 10, bacteria, viruses, pollen, spores, animal hair and dust. It also traps VOCs like benzene, formaldehyde and unpleasant smells. The filter has a life of 360 hours. If used for 2-3 hours everyday, it can last for up to 5-6 months.

The GoMechanic Carbon C4 has a touch button and generates less than 40dB sound. A colored LCD display shows the purification speed gear, humidity, temperature and working state information.

The machine is shaped like a tumbler and can be placed in standard cup holders. It measures 12 x 9 x 25 cm and weighs 640g.

Honeywell Move Pure 2

If you have a bigger budget, the Honeywell Move Pure 2 is a good option. It is a premium car air purifier with a high-grade HEPA filter and a double-layer activated carbon filter. Robust and long-lasting, the Move Pure 2 has a CADR of 15 m3/h. It is ideal for all kinds of cars including hatchback and SUV. The filter takes down bacteria, dust, pet dander, foul odors, smoke and VOCs. It has a lifespan of 360 hours and lasts for up to 6 months if used 2-3 hours a day.

The Honeywell Move Pure 2 has two fans for better air circulation. The dual fan system ensures air is filtered faster and more efficiently. A real-time air quality meter shows live PM 2.5 levels. A built-in sensor gauges the pollution inside the car and automatically adjusts the intensity of purification. 

The best thing about the air purifier is that it has a filter replacement indicator that alerts you when it is time to change the filter. The controls are touch sensitive and noise level stays below 52dB. The device is ozone-free. It does not produce ions and only relies on physical air filters for its functioning.

SHARP FP-JC2M-B Car Air Purifier

The Sharp car air purifier is a premium air sanitizer with a sleek frame. Suitable for SUV, mini van and sedan, it is specially designed to be installed on the arm rest or back rest. A belt is provided for stable placement.

The Sharp FP-JC2M-B has a unique carbon-embedded HEPA PM 2.5 filter, a chemical filter and washable PM 10 filter. The HEPA filter has a life of one year. It eliminates minute particles like PM 2.5, bacteria and viruses. The chemical filter has a life of one year, and takes out odors and VOCs. The PM 10 is a pre-filter with lifetime usability. It traps coarse particles like animal hair and pollen.

The gadget has a clean sign indicator and intuitive odor sensors. It has touch controls and a dimmer for lowering the luminosity. For power it needs a 12V car adapter. There are 4 operation modes: auto, low, medium and high. On low mode it consumes 1.8 watts, on medium 2.4 watts and on high 4.6 watts.  

The product weighs 1.1 kg and measures 184(W) x 77(D) x 243(H)mm.

Motozoop 2-in-1 Car Air Purifier

The Motozoop is a portable LED car air purifier ionizer. It releases 5.6 million pcs/cm3 of negative ions which bind with airborne pollutants and settle on the floor. This separates them from the air stream and prevents them from entering our bodies through respiration. The dirt which accumulates on surfaces can be dusted or wiped off.

The best thing about the Motozoop is that it deodorizes your car. If you want to keep your vehicle from reeking of stale cigarette smoke and pet odors, this is a fantastic piece of gadget. It also reduces formaldehyde, benzene and other VOCs. The negative ions take out bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen – pretty much everything that falls under the PM 10 and PM 2.5 category.

People who have asthma or allergies, can benefit from this product too. It is gentle on the skin and prevents it from drying. Also, negative ions are believed to boost immunity and alleviate mood.

The Motozoop is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It has an LED indication light to guide you in the dark inside the car. The 2-in-1 functionality of the purifier allows you to also charge small devices using the 2.1A dual USB charging ports. Just plug the device into a 12V outlet and you are all set.

PranaVital Smart Multi-function Car Air Purifier

The PranaVital Smart car air purifier is ideal for cars and small office cabins. It uses both air filters and an ionizer to control air pollutants. A HEPA 12 filter intercepts PM 2.5 and PM 10 including bacteria and animal dander. An ionizer releases anions or negative ions @ 3 million pcs/cm3. The ions attach themselves to allergens in the air and fall down to the ground or stick to surfaces around the car from where they can be vacuumed off.

The PranaVital has infrared-based gesture control. It has an aromatherapy function. A small chamber at the base of the purifier is provided for adding essential oils to deodorize the car. A powerful fan spreads the scented air in all directions and suppresses bad odors.

The device doubles as a charging station for your phone. It has a USB port power supply for quick recharges on the go. An LED digital display shows AQI data using a 4-color graded meter. The HEPA filter has a lifespan of 500 hours.

The purifier is shaped like a cylinder. It has a diameter of 68mm and a height of 168mm. You can pop it in a cup holder with a minimum diameter of 70mm.

WowObjects Mini Car Air Purifier

The WowObjects air purifier is a compact car air freshener. It has an anion generator and a triple-layer HEPA filter. The anion generator produces millions of anions that stick to air contaminants and remove them from the air circulating in the car. The HEPA filter captures particulate matter and refreshes the air.

The purifier has a brushless centrifugal fan with advanced torque characteristics. It dispenses clean air using a 360° air distribution system. The device has a turbo-charging system for more efficient filtration. Unclean air enters through the bottom side panels and clean air is given off through the top pores. The filter net has a long lifespan and is easy to change.     

The WowObjects air purifier is USB powered and includes a USB charging cable. An anti-slip pad is provided for firm placement so that it doesn’t fall off when the car is in motion. Compact in size, the purifier measures 18 x 10 x 4 cm, and weighs 1.12 kilograms.

There are two light indicators to show the operation mode. Blue means high-speed mode and green means low-speed mode.

Curtis Car Air Purifier

The Curtis Car Air Purifier is a small lightweight ionizer measuring 31mm by 100mm. It weighs just 40 grams and needs a 12V cigarette lighter adapter. Perfect for small cars as well as RVs, the purifier releases 4.8 million negative ions per cm3 to keep pollution inside your vehicle to a minimum. Microbes like bacteria and viruses become inactive due to the powerful action of the negative ions. Odors emanating from human and animal bodies are effectively masked. And smoke and toxic chemicals are also eliminated.  

The ionizer is advisable for people with allergies and breathing problems. By taking out impurities from the air, it prevents them from infiltrating our lungs. Negative ions also promote metabolism, relieve stress and improve concentration.

The Curtis ionizer sanities your car air and dispels foul smells. It does not use artificial chemicals to overpower stenches. Rather, it works to separate odor-causing particles from the air in the vehicle. In addition, the fine dust that collects on surfaces can be easily cleaned off. Just use a dusting brush or a vacuum cleaner to get a sparkling clean interior.

Allextreme AEX-02 Car Air Purifier

If you are looking for a car air purifier with an aesthetically appealing design, we recommend you get the Allextreme AEX-02. It is a multi-function air freshener with a 3-layer HEPA filter and an anion generator. Built to suck in polluted air through a 360 degree air inlet, the Allextreme air purifier delivers clean air and millions of pro-health negative ions. It protects you from particulate matter, smoke, odors and bacteria. For people with respiratory issues and allergies, this device is highly recommended, especially if they spend a considerable amount of time travelling by car.

The Allextreme AEX-02 has an automatic sensor-based functionality. It is USB powered and works with any cigarette lighter plug. A simple power button lets you turn on and turn off the gadget. A light indicator informs you about the status of air quality inside the car. Green means excellent air quality, yellow means good and red means bad.

The purifier includes an anti-slip mat for firm slip-free installation on the dashboard. It also comes with a USB charging cable, a HEPA filter, a cigarette lighter plug, a belt and a user manual.

Dimensions of the product are: 28 x 18 x 8 cm. It weighs 390 grams.

Atlanta Healthcare MF-01 MotoFresh Elite Car Air Purifier

The MotoFresh Elite purifier from Atlanta Healthcare is the best car air purifier for large vehicles like sedans and SUVs. It has a CADR of 15m3/h and uses a 4-stage filtration process to clean your car air in just 10 minutes. The first level involves an anti-bacterial filter which takes out bacteria and viruses.

The second level of filtration is done by the HEPA filter which has the unique distinction of being the only filter to be able to remove up to 99.97% pollutants of size 0.3 micrometer and larger. It eliminates pathogens like bacteria and viruses, allergens, dust mites, pet dander and particulate matter PM 2.5 and PM 10.

The next filter, which is the activated carbon filter, removes gaseous substances like TVOCs, formaldehyde, car fumes, nicotine smoke and bad odors. The final filtration is done by the ionizer. It releases millions of electrostatically charged gas ions which attract pollutants and settle on surfaces from where they must be removed through cleaning.

The MF-01 MotoFresh Elite has Dual Fan Technology and simple one touch operations. To start device, just plug it into a 12V power socket, power on and you are good to go.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier IG-GC2E-B

The next product to make our list of top car air purifiers is the Sharp Plasmacluster. It has a high efficiency filter that purifies air in an area of 3.6m3. It removes PM 10, dust, nicotine smoke, exhaust fumes, pet dander, food smells, viruses, mold spores, pollen, TVOCs and foul odors.

The filter is washable and has a long life of 19000 hours. If used for 8 hours daily, it can last for 8 years. The Sharp Plasmacluster has two USB charging ports for charging electronic devices. It has a touch control button on the top panel and an illuminated display to show fan speed.

The device is designed to fit in cup holders. It deodorizes the air in your car through constant filtration. This super quiet and unobtrusive purifier is ideal for all kinds of cars, vans and utility vehicles. The air purifier weighs just 263 grams and is super portable. It can be used as a car air purifier or as a personal indoor air purifier for your room. All you need to do is plug it into your desktop, turn on the device and you are all set.

Sharp IG-DC2E-B Plasmacluster Car Air Purifier

Another top car air purifier is the Sharp IG-DC2E-B Plasmacluster. It is based on Natural Plasmacluster Air Purification Technology. Disease-causing germs like bacteria and viruses get neutralized with the use of this purifier . It also removes mold spores, pollen, smoke, exhaust fumes, TVOCs and unpleasant odors.

The filter has a life of 19,000 hours which can last 8 years. The Sharp IG-DC2E-B Plasmacluster is certified by 28 GLP Labs for effectiveness against harmful pollutants like toxic gases and pathogens. The purifier is conveniently shaped for placement in cup holders. It has a black plastic body with an illuminated control panel on top. It has one button for mode and another for turbo fan setting.

In turbo mode, the purifier speed increases by 30% resulting in faster deodorization and circulation of fresh air. The product comes with a one-year warranty. It is super portable and weighs only 422 grams. Setting up the purifier is a breeze. Just connect it to your car’s 12V cigarette lighter socket and power up. Power consumption of the device is 3W.

How does a car air purifier work?

There are three ways in which air can be cleaned. One, remove the source or cause of the pollution. Two, ventilate the closed space by letting in fresh air from outside and letting out stale air. Three, use an air purification device to remove impurities from the air. The first two options are not feasible for cars as the latter are constantly surrounded by polluted air on roads and highways. The third option, however, can be an effective means of purifying your car air.

A car air purifier passes air through its filters to remove impurities. It purifies the air and makes it suitable for breathing. Typically, the more number of times air passes through a filter, the cleaner it gets. But because cars have doors and windows and at some point they get opened, it is difficult to maintain air quality inside a car. This makes it all the more vital to ensure the air in your car is respirable and free of harmful pollutants.

There are various techniques used in air purification. One of the most widely used air filters is the High Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter. It is made of an ultra-dense mesh of randomly arranged micro fibers which removes 99.97% particulate matter of size 0.3 micrometer and larger. HEPA filters eliminate PM 2.5, PM 10, pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses, hair, dust and pet dander.

The other commonly used air filter is activated carbon. It removes gaseous impurities like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, bad odors and TVOCs. It comprises of a bed of activated carbon whose surface area has been significantly enhanced to aid adsorption, the mechanism used to attract and suck out gaseous molecules from the air.

Another technique used in air purification is ionization. In this process, a negative ion generator produces millions of gas ions which attract positively charged air pollutants. Upon fusing with the pollutants, they become too heavy to remain suspended in the air and slowly settle on the floor and other surfaces. Ionization does not permanently remove impurities from the air in that the impurities still remain inside the car, only they no longer float around in the air – therefore getting out of the way of human respiration – but stick to surfaces inside the car from where they need to be cleaned and removed through dusting, wiping or vacuuming.

Many air purifiers also use anti-bacterial filters to root out pathogens. It is an effective way to tackle microbiological contaminants like bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses. Some air purifiers employ air fresheners to deodorize car air. Air fresheners do not remove bad odors but produce their own fragrance to mask the odors in the car.

Some purifiers use ozone to take out gaseous contaminants and stubborn stenches. Our advice would be to stay away from such air purifiers as ground-level ozone is an air pollutant and can affect your health. It has been linked with lung disease and other respiratory problems.

In the following pages we will take you through some of the best car air purifiers currently doing the rounds. We rated them according to the technology used, features and overall efficiency. Read on to know more.

Tips : It’s always better to find the air pollution level before buying any indoor / outdoor air purification products or air treatment product.

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