Black & Decker AV1205 Grey DC Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Black & Decker AV1205 Grey DC Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you are concerned about the upkeep of your car, you should get yourself a car vacuum cleaner. It is a smart way to keep your car interiors spic and span. It removes hidden dirt from floors, doors and seats. It deep cleans your vehicle and also keeps it smelling fresh.

In this segment we are going to talk about the Black & Decker AV1205. It is the best car vacuum cleaner in India with a double filtration system. It has a powerful motor that sucks up the most difficult dirt buried in cracks and gaps. It has an extra crevice tool, a brush and a long 5 meter power cable.

Let us try and understand how the vacuum cleaner works.

Technology And Design

The Black & Decker AV1205 is a compact and lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner. It has a 12.5 watt motor that generates a suction pressure of 340 mm/water column and an airflow of 800 liters/minute. This amount of force is enough to dislodge debris concealed in car floor carpets, foot mats, doors, speaker grilles and in the boot.

The machine has a twin filtration system which intercepts dust and locks it inside the device for later disposal. It also prolongs the life of the vacuum and enables it to perform better.

The Black & Decker vacuum is designed for dry cleaning. It is expert at removing dust, sand, mud, food particles, human and animal hair, and other waste matter from inside a vehicle. It has 2 cleaning accessories: a crevice nozzle and a brush.

The crevice tool pulls out dust from narrow spaces like the edge where the back rest meets the seat. It also cleans the seat sliding rails, AC vents and the car audio stereo. The brush removes dust from seats and floors.

The device has onboard storage for all its accessories so you don’t have to bother about misplacing any of the tools. It is a convenient arrangement which reduces clutter and helps you store the device in a more organized manner.

The vacuum cleaner includes a 12 volt DC power adapter. It requires a 12 volt power source and plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle.

The Black & Decker AV1205 is a bagless vacuum. It has a 550 ml dust bowl. It is easy to remove and clean. When it becomes nearly full, click it open, empty the debris into a waste bin and click it back on. If the bowl is too dirty, you can rinse it in tap water. But allow it to dry before vacuuming again.

The appliance has a 5 meter power cord. It allows you to clean every nook and corner of your vehicle, including the trunk. You can clean the entire car in one go without switching power sockets.

The vacuum has a grey and orange plastic enclosure. It measures 12.6 cm by 42.4 cm by 13.8 cm, and weighs 798 g. It has a handle and thumb-operable controls next to the handle. Warranty period of the device is 1 year.

Key Features:

  • 5 watt car vacuum cleaner with twin filtration system.
  • Suction pressure 340 mm/water column, airflow 800 liters/minute, dry vacuuming.
  • Crevice tool, brush, 5 meter power cord, 12 volt DC power adapter.
  • Onboard accessory storage, 55 ml dust bowl.

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