Best Vacuum Cleaners In India – [ 2020 Updated List ]

Best Vacuum Cleaners In India [ Review & Buyer’s Guide ]

Vacuum cleaners are incredible appliances. They extract dirt from remote difficult-to-reach places and clean our homes far better than we can. They remove dust, pet dander and disease-causing allergens, and significantly reduce indoor air pollution. In today’s high-pollution environment, vacuum cleaners have become an absolute necessity. They combat allergies and respiratory problems, and keep our living spaces hygienic and dust-free.

Vacuum cleaners come in various shapes and sizes. Each kind serves a different purpose and has its own benefits. Here are the most common types of vacuum cleaners sold in India.

Upright vacuum cleaner

This is the most common floor-cleaning vacuum cleaner. It has the traditional back-and-forth motion and is best suited for deep cleaning rugs and carpets. The device has a strong suction and can be tilted and pushed around the floor to reach remote corners. Its height can be adjusted. It comes in bagged, bagless, electricity-driven and battery-operated variants. One drawback of the upright vacuum cleaner is that it is heavy and a little difficult to move around. It is also not the best model to clean tight spaces.

Canister vacuum cleaners

Canisters are probably the most versatile vacuum cleaners. They comprise of a tank, a long hose pipe and a bunch of attachments for various kinds of surfaces. They have electronic brush-rolls for carpets, bare-floor suction heads for uncarpeted floors, and assorted attachments for cleaning curtains, upholstery and cabinets. The downside of the canister is that it may be a little tricky to lug around from room to room due to its size and weight.

Stick vacuums

These are slender and lightweight vacuums for quick touch-ups. They can reach under tables and sofas with ease and draw out debris that might have collected over the course of a dinner. They are handy and portable and the best kind of vacuum cleaner for light everyday cleaning. They cannot of course replace heavy-duty vacuums as their suction is not as powerful.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Handheld vacuums are compact gadgets designed for cleaning cramped spaces. They are lightweight, portable and available in corded and cordless varieties. Their slim nozzles reach and clean places that are difficult to access and maneuver in like cars.

They are also great for reaching under cushions and mattresses and extracting debris that is deeply embedded in the edges. However, a handheld vacuum is akin to a dustpan and a broom. They are only meant for quick clean-ups and cannot vacuum large areas like an entire room or a floor.

Robotic vacuums

These are automated cordless devices that run on battery power. They require minimal human effort. They can be app controlled, remote controlled or manually programmed. They can easily reach under couches and clean inaccessible nooks and crannies.

However, they can only do light touch-ups and cannot deep clean carpets and drapes. You also need to remove obstacles from the floor before starting the robotic vacuum. If there are too many barriers, it will not be able to do a good job.

Let us now take a look at the top vacuum cleaners currently sold in the market.

1. Black & Decker VH-801 Vacuum Cleaner

The Black & Decker VH-801 is the best hand-held vacuum cleaner there is. Black & Decker is an American manufacturer of hardware equipment and power tools. It is known for its innovative cleaning products like handheld vacuums and canister vacuums.

The VH-801 is the number one product in the handheld vacuum category. Its powerful 800 watt motor sucks up dust and debris, leaving the vacuumed surface clean and spotless. It also has a blower function which removes dirt with a blast of air.

The gadget is bagless in design. It has a transparent 900 ml dustbowl for collecting debris. It that can be detached and cleaned once the vacuuming is done. The Black & Decker VH-801 is very effective in cleaning cars, sliding door and window frames, sofas, mattresses, computer key boards and musical instruments. It slips easily into tight spaces and draws out dust and cobwebs embedded deep in the corners.

The device has a number of attachments for different modes of cleaning. A crevice nozzle is provided for sucking out dust from narrow places that are difficult to reach. A blow nozzle is provided for blower action. An extension hose is provided for accessing remote places like behind the cupboard and under the couch.

The vacuum cleaner weighs less than 2 kg. It has an inbuilt grab-and-go handle for easy portability. It also features a shoulder harness for strapping it to the shoulder. The strap makes the gadget easier to carry and move about while cleaning.

The housing of the VH-801 vacuum cleaner is made from high-quality plastic. Apart from the see-through dustbowl, the rest of the gadget is white in color. A 5 meter power cord is included in the package. Input voltage of the appliance is 220 -240 volts. Warranty period is 1 year.

2. Bissell AeroVAC 2-In-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The next top-rated vacuum cleaner is the Bissell AeroVAC 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. It is the best vacuum cleaner in the stick vacuum category. It has a compact and lightweight frame. It weighs around 2 kg and is super portable in nature.

The Bissell AeroVAC has an advanced cyclonic action that sucks up even the tiniest, most stubborn bits of dirt. It is a multipurpose vacuum cleaner that thoroughly cleans all kinds of surfaces. It can remove dust from fabric, furs, wood, plastic and concrete. It cleans upholstery, mattresses, drapes, furniture and electronic gadgets.

The Bissell AeroVAC is a versatile cleaner with a flexible design. You can use it as a stick vacuum for upright cleaning or as a handheld vacuum for cleaning tight spots. The long stick helps you reach behind cupboards and under futons. It also lets you deep clean carpets and rugs standing up.

The corded handheld mode, on the other hand, lets you clean corners and in between cushions. It is also effective in cleaning spaces that are difficult to maneuver in like cars and RVs. The AeroVAC is bagless in make. Instead of a dustbag, it features a plastic dirt cup which holds the debris while cleaning.

The cup can be emptied later and wiped clean. Being bagless, the cost of maintaining the vacuum cleaner is less as you don’t have to worry about buying dustbags. Your job is also simplified to a great deal as you don’t need to frequently attach and detach dustbags.

The appliance is easy to store and transport. It does not take up much space and can be tucked away safely in the corner of a room. Total power of the cleaner is 600 watts and operating voltage is 240 volts. The box contains the main vacuum cleaner, a crevice nozzle, a floor brush, a chrome tube and a user manual. The product has a one-year warranty.

3. American Micronic AMI-VC1-10Dx Vacuum cleaner

The next best vacuum cleaner is the American Micronic AMI-VC1-10Dx. It boasts a beefy 1000 watt motor that has a top power output of 1200 watts. It is a classic canister vacuum cleaner with wheels and a long hose for sucking out dirt from remote places.

The American Micronic AMI-VC1-10Dx has a 3-stage filtration process with high-power suction. It has overload protection which keeps the internal parts safe. The device reduces indoor air pollution and helps you and your family breathe more easily. It combats infections and allergies by removing disease causing allergens from hard-to-reach spots like under the bed and behind cabinets.

The appliance has a removable and reusable 2 liter dustbag made from non-woven fabric. It stores dirt and needs to be emptied and cleaned later. When the bag is filled to capacity, the machine sends out a signal through an onboard dustbag full indicator. It is a handy feature that alerts the user when it’s time to dispose the garbage.

The American Micronic vacuum comes armed with 6 attachments. It has a floor cum carpet brush, an upholstery nozzle, a crevice nozzle, a long flexible hose and 2 extension pipes. Depending on what surface you are dusting, you need to use the appropriate attachment that will give you the best result.

The gadget weighs 3.5 kg. It has inbuilt wheels for easy movement from room to room. It has a dark blue and black enclosure and a 4-meter-long power cord. The product is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It has a power requirement of 220-240 volts. Warranty period is 1 year.

4. Eureka Forbes Euroclean X-Force Vacuum Cleaner

The next top-performing vacuum cleaner is from Eureka Forbes. It is the Euroclean X-Force. It is a powerful 1400 watt vacuum cleaner with best-in-class suction and filtration. It is a canister style vacuum with a long hose pipe and built-in wheels for hassle-free portability.

The Euroclean X-Force is a bagged device. It comes with a removable 3 liter dustbag and an LED display that shows when the bag is full and needs emptying. If the debris inside the cleaner accumulates beyond a certain level, it can diminish the suction force of the motor. By providing timely alerts on dirt disposal the LED indicator helps maintain the performance of the cleaner.

The Euroclean X-Force has both suction and blower functions. It can suck up dirt from nooks and crannies and also blow out dust from difficult-to-reach places. The suction rate of the motor is 2200 -2450 mm/wc. The blower has an airflow rate of 30 to 35 liters per second. It has enough force to dislodge even the most stubborn dust and sand embedded in carpets and curtains.

The gadget has a unique dual parking position. It is made according to international specifications that call for flexible resting positions. It is compact, portable and unobtrusive in design. It weighs 5.1 kg and has wheels for pushing it from one place to another. The housing of the gadget is made from durable plastic. It is light grey and black in color. It measures 450 mm x 260 mm x 270 mm.

The vacuum comes with 13 accessories for deep cleaning different surfaces. These include an all-surface cleaner, a corner cleaner, a floor brush, a carpet brush, a computer cleaner, a car-wash adapter, a hose pipe, a grille cleaner, a flexible cleaner, a spray jar, an aromiser and 2 extension tubes. Operating voltage of the device is 230 volts and it has a warranty of 1 year. To know more about Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaning system, check our recommendations.

5. Bissell 1273K Easy Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

At number 5 we have the Bissell 1273K Easy Cylinder vacuum cleaner. It is a canister vacuum cleaner with exceptional cyclonic action that draws out even the toughest dust. It cleans various kinds of surfaces like wooden floors, upholstery, rugs and keyboards.

The Bissell 1273K is equipped with a 1500 watt motor. It has a 4-stage filtration process that involves pre-motor and post-motor filters. The incoming dust, sand and other debris are trapped by the Micro Particle filter and Screen filter. The filters are washable and reusable. When they are fully saturated with dirt, you need to remove and clean them, and put them back on again.

The Bissell 1273K vacuum cleaner has a strong cyclonic motion that separates the dust from the surface. It has a post-motor HEPA media filter that enhances the airflow and dust absorption of the machine. The gadget has a bagless design and comes with an Easy Empty Dirt Cup. The cup is transparent so you can see when it is full. Since it is bagless, it does not require bag changes, and hence, does not have any recurring running costs.

The hose pipe of the cleaner has an airflow regulator for controlling the suction power. It comes in handy while cleaning soft fabrics like lace curtains which might get damaged if the vacuum is used in its normal high-suction mode.

The Bissell 1273K is a canister type of cleaner. It has a blue and black body. It is compact and weighs just 3.6 kg. The built-in wheels and the easy-to-grab handle make the device more portable and travel-friendly. Accessories include a crevice cleaner cum dusting brush, an airflow regulator and an automatic cord rewind. The machine has a warranty of one year.

6. Black & Decker VM2825 Vacuum Cleaner

The next widely sold vacuum is the Black & Decker VM2825. It is a bagless canister vacuum cleaner for home with a 6-stage multi-cyclonic cleaning technique. It is compact, portable and comes with a wide range of attachments for cleaning all kinds of surfaces.

The Black & Decker VM2825 has a powerful 2000 watt motor that creates an intelligent multi-cyclonic motion. The machine processes dust in 6 phases. The motor generates multiple mini cyclones that separate the dust from the air current.

The unique motion of the fan directs the flying debris away from the HEPA 12 filters so that the suction capacity of the cleaner remains unaffected. It prevents the filters from clogging and also maintains the overall efficiency of the gadget.

The VM2825 vacuum cleaner has a durable stainless steel telescopic tube with a cleaning radius of 5 meters. It gives you more freedom to dust difficult-to-access places such as under the couch and behind the fridge. The cleaner has a convenient one-touch cord rewinding function. It has a removable and washable dust canister. It collects and stores the debris, and needs to be emptied later.

For cleaning the dust canister, you can either wipe it with a piece of cloth or rinse it with water. The canister has a volume of 1.8 liters. It is transparent so you can keep a tab on the dust level and know when it is time to empty it. Input voltage of the appliance is 220-240 volts.

Attachments include a crevice cleaner, an upholstery brush and a telescopic extension tube. The vacuum cleaner has a compact space-saving design. It has a blue and black housing with an easy-to-grab handle incorporated into the design for greater mobility. Warranty is 1 year.

7. Eureka Forbes Super Clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Eureka Forbes Super Clean handheld vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner for home use. It is powered by an 800 watt motor with suction and blower action. The cleaner is armed with 7 attachments for vacuuming various kinds of surfaces and spaces. It can clean both dry and wet surfaces. It can even remove dirt from hard-to-maneuver spaces like cars and closets.

The Eureka Forbes Super Clean has a suction airflow of 14 liters per second. It can draw out dust, sand, hair and pet dander from rugs, curtains, upholstery, hard wood floors, carpeted stairs, electronic equipment and furniture. The extra-long 5 meter power cord gives you a wider cleaning radius.

The machine can be conveniently strapped to the shoulder while vacuuming. A shoulder harness is included in the package for this purpose. The vacuum cleaner has Thermal Overload Protection for extra safety. It weighs just 2.5 kg and is extremely lightweight and compact. It has a space-efficient design which allows you to store it just about anywhere.

The Super Clean vacuum cleaner has a smart red enclosure made from durable plastic. A sturdy handle is integrated into the body of the appliance for easy movement. The vacuum is a bagged device. It houses a 0.5 liter dustbag that holds the debris and needs to be replaced once full.

Accessories accompanying the gadget include a carpet cum floor brush, a sofa brush, an all-purpose brush, a crevice nozzle, extension tubes, a flexible hose pipes and a blower adapter.

8. Eureka Forbes Rapid Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The next product on our list is the best vacuum cleaner in the handheld category. It is the Eureka Forbes Rapid Handheld vacuum cleaner and it is the most compact cleaner you will find. It has a lightweight frame and weighs just 1.5 kg.

The cabinet of the device is ergonomically designed for flexible handling. It features an easy-to-grab handle for lifting and carrying the cleaner. It also has a shoulder strap for slinging it from the shoulders for more flexible cleaning.

The Eureka Forbes Rapid vacuum cleaner has a rugged motor with a peak power of 600 watts. It has a suction airflow rate of 1300mm of water column which is sufficient to pull out even the toughest dirt embedded deep inside rugs and floor boards.

The machine has a 0.5 liter dustbag for collecting and storing debris. It has an easy one-touch dust disposal system. The dust holder needs to be checked and emptied when it becomes full. Timely replacement of the dust bag is essential for keeping up the suction capacity of the vacuum.

The power cord is 3 meters long. It allows you to dust across a radius of 3 meters from the electric source. The Rapid vacuum cleaner has a bright red housing. It has a crevice nozzle, a carpet cum floor brush and a flexible hosepipe for cleaning various surfaces. Operating voltage of the cleaner is 220 – 240 volts and it has a warranty of 1 year.

9. Philips FC8474/02 PowerPro Compact Vacuum Cleaner

At number 9 we have the Philips FC8474/02 PowerPro Compact vacuum cleaner. It is a top-rated bagless canister vacuum machine for home use. It has a muscular 1800 watt motor capable of exceptional suction force. The PowerPro Compact is driven by Philips’s signature PowerCyclone 4 technology which increases airflow and separates the debris from the air current at the same time.

As the dust-filled air makes its way through the air inlet and upwards into the hose, the curved airpass kicks up the velocity of the air in the cyclonic chamber and thus separates the dust from the air. The PowerPro Compact has a pleated EPA filter that intercepts and removes allergy-causing vermin and other microbes. Combined with the action of the cyclonic airflow, it prevents clogging and optimizes the filtration rate of the appliance.

The vacuum cleaner is bagless in design. It has a see-through 1.5 liters dust container that is easy to detach, empty and clean. When it’s full, just click it open and dump the contents in a dustbin. The PowerPro Compact has an extra-long grip for reaching places that are hard to access like behind cabinets and under the bed. It comes with a turbo brush nozzle that extracts 25% more dust, hair and pet dander.

The rotating movement of the brush affords better suction while the wheels of the nozzle prevent scratch marks on hard surfaces. The Philips FC8474/02 comes with 3 handy accessories – a crevice cleaner, a 3-in-1 multipurpose cleaner and a long brush for drapes and rugs.

The gadget has a warranty of 2 years. It is red, black and grey in color. It has wheels for lugging it around from room to room. The 2-piece telescopic handle and hose pipe offer a max cleaning radius of 9 meters.

The vacuum cleaner has a washable foam inlet filter and a sponge exhaust filter. They trap the flying debris and take them out of the air current. The product weighs 4.5 kg and has a sound level of 83 dB. It has a 6 meter power cord for greater movement while cleaning. Look at some of the best philips vacuum cleaner in India here.

10. iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

The last product to make our list of best vacuum cleaners is the iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 vacuum cleaning robot. It is a sophisticated Wi-Fi-enabled robotic cleaner for the tech-savvy. It has hassle-free operations and hardly requires any human intervention.

The Roomba 980 can be controlled remotely via the iRobot Home app. All you have to do is push a button on your smart phone and you are good to go. The app shows you the places the device has cleaned and for how long. It also alerts you when the cleaning is over. The vacuum is a smart appliance compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It picks up dust, pet dander and soil no matter how deeply lodged they are in the surface being vacuumed.

The gadget has advanced Dirt Detect technology. It enables the inbuilt sensors to gauge how dirty a space or surface is, and helps the cleaner concentrates on areas that have high levels of accumulated dust. It cleans these spots more rigorously and gives you the sparkling clean corners.

The vacuum cleaner has AeroForce Cleaning System with Power Boost which intuitively senses when the machine comes in contact with carpets and automatically increases its suction force. Being just 3.6 inches tall, the iRobot Roomba 980 is the best vacuum cleaner to sweep up dust and cobwebs from under beds and couches. It also does not fall off stairs.  It has a cutting-edge Cliff Detect technology that stops it when it nears a staircase or a drop.

The vacuum has a multi-surface brush for removing coarse dust and large visible dirt like pet dander and bits of paper. It also has an edge-cleaning brush that works a 27ᵒ angle to pull dirt away from edges and corners.

The Roomba 980 has a built-in filter that removes up to 99% allergens of size 10 microns and larger. It works non-stop for 120 minutes and then returns to the Home Base charging station for recharging. Once fully charged, it resumes cleaning and carries on till the task is completed.

Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

In this article we will discuss the top things to consider while choosing a vacuum cleaner. Whether you are looking to buy a handheld, stick, canister or upright vacuum cleaner, this think piece addresses all the questions you might have. Let’s begin.

1. Purpose of the vacuum cleaner

The first thing you need to consider is the purpose of the vacuum. What do you need it for? What exactly do you plan to clean with it? Do you want it for your car? Do you want it for your home? Or do you want it for both? Making up your mind at this initial stage will help you narrow down your options, and make it easier for you to select the right product. If, for instance, you need a car vacuum, you will do well with a compact handheld cleaner. If you want a comprehensive household cleaner, you should go for a full-fledged canister or upright vacuum.

2. Dry or wet cleaning

The second thing you need to look into is the nature of waste you intend to clean with your vacuum cleaner. If you want to clean both dry and wet debris, you should check out vacuums designed specifically for handling dry and wet waste. If you just want to clear dry waste, look for a dry vacuum. Obviously, gadgets with both dry and wet functions are more versatile. Hence, if your budget permits, we would advise you to choose one of those.

3. Bagged or bagless

The next question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a bagged or a bagless cleaner. A bagless vacuum will have a low operating cost as you won’t have to buy dust bags. But, its dust-holding capacity might be less. On the other hand, a bagged vacuum might be more expensive to run, but it will hold way more debris that a bagless variant. And this could work to your advantage as it means you won’t have to frequently dispose the dust bag. You will be able to vacuum larger areas in one go without stopping mid-cleaning to clear the garbage.

4. Suction and blower functions

If you want both vacuuming and sweeping action, you should choose a gadget that has suction and blower functions. If you have a porch that gathers a lot of dry leaves, you can use the blower to sweep up leaves and other dry litter into a trash can.

5. Filters and filtration technology.

The filters inside the vacuum cleaner are of utmost importance. This is because they prevent the accumulated waste matter from escaping the enclosure and mixing with the indoor air. Our suggestion would be to look for a cleaner that employs multiple filters to capture the incoming dust. Filter like HEPA are highly effective in eliminating fine particles. Therefore, a gadget that relies on HEPA filtration is any day preferable over one that doesn’t. Some devices also use cyclonic action to separate dust from air. Such techniques further boost the filtration efficiency of the vacuum. Newer technologies are evolving by the day, and we advise you to read the manual carefully, and speak to your dealer to understand what these technologies do for the vacuum, and how they make it better.

6. Portability

Portability increases the usability of the product. A portable vacuum cleaner is easier to tow around from room to room and floor to floor. So take note of features like handles, wheels and shoulder straps that improve portability.

7. Accessories

Another vital aspect is the number and type of cleaning accessories accompanying the vacuum cleaner. Although it depends on the kind of vacuum you buy, you will at least need a floor brush, a crevice tool and a flexible hose. Entry-level handheld vacuums will have one or two accessories while high-end vacuums will have more. Be specific about your needs. If you have a pet, you might want to pick a product that includes a special pet hair removing accessory. If you want to be able to clean higher places like ceilings, you might want to go for a product that has a long-reach handle and extra extension tubes.  

8. Cleaning area

The radius of the cleaning area is also important. Typically, gadgets with longer power cords, extension tubes and flexible hoses allow more movement. Study your living spaces. The basic idea is that you should be able to clean a medium-sized room without switching power sockets to access remote corners.

9. Wired and wireless

Vacuums that have both wired and wireless functions are more flexible. You can use them even when you have no access to direct power from a wall receptacle. You just have to charge them up and use them when necessary. They are great for emergencies. Imagine you have guests coming over, and you want to quickly touch-up the living room, and the power goes out. What do you do? That’s when a cordless vacuum comes in handy.

10. Noise

Pay attention to the noise level of the appliance. You don’t want to be stuck with a machine that makes a lot of noise and disrupts your peaceful home environment.

11. After-sales service

Finally, inquire about the after-sales service of the brand. Find out where the service centers are located and what is covered under the warranty agreement. Also, make sure spare parts of the product you choose are readily available and are not overly expensive.  

Pro Tips : Do you know how vacuum cleaning system works ? Read our article on the same. You may also find the technologies behind robotic vacuum system detailed here. Let us know if you have any question through the commenting section.

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