Best Sharp Air Purifiers To Buy In India [ 2021 Updated List ]

Best Sharp Air Purifier In India – Review & Buying Guide

Our team recently conducted an in-depth study on Sharp air purifiers. They analyzed the performance, features and design of the appliances, and came up with a list of the top air purifiers from the brand ‘Sharp’. Here’s the list. Hope you find our research helpful.

Sharp FP-F40E-W Air Purifier

The Sharp FP-F40E-W is made with Japanese technology. It produces Active Plasmacluster ions which fight indoor pollution. The positive and negative ions form radicals which are highly oxidizing in nature. They interact with airborne pollutants like bacteria, viruses and mold, and oxidize them, resulting in the release of hydrogen and breakdown of allergens. The broken-down components then react with the radicals to form water which returns to the air. This is the mechanism by which the device kills microorganisms and purifies the air.

The Sharp FP-F40E-W has 3 filters that perform passive air filtration. The first is a pre-filter and it intercepts large particles like pet dander, dust bunnies and pollen. The second is a voluminous granular activated carbon filter. It removes odors, VOCs and cigarette smoke. The third is an H14-grade HEPA filter. It captures up to 99.97% particles as small as 0.3 micron.

The machine has a dust sensor which continually monitors the amount of dust circulating in the room. An odor sensor picks up foul smells. For hassle-free use, there is Auto mode. In this mode the appliance adjusts the filtration speed according to the pollution level. For undisturbed relaxation there is Sleep mode. It reduces motor sounds to create a noise-free environment. Another function is Auto-restart. It auto turns on the purifier once electric supply resumes after a power outage. Finally, there is something called Haze mode. This mode initiates intense plasmacluster action for rapid pollution control.

The Sharp FP-F40E-W has a 20° air flow. It enables the gadget to collect dust from the lower regions of the room more effectively. It also lowers static electricity so that dirt particles do not cling to surfaces and it is easier to suck them out.  

The unit has a touch control panel. It shares air quality data through a color-coded display. Red means high pollution, yellow means medium and green means the air quality is good. The air purifier can service an area of 200 ft2, cleaning the air in it 4 times in an hour. It has a CADR of 240/150/90 (H/M/L) m3/h. It consumes less power and has a noiseless operation. Dimensions of the product are (LxWxH): 20.9 x 38.3 x 54 cm. It weighs 13.03 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Air purifier with Active Plasmacluster Technology.
  • Passive 3-stage filtration: pre-filter, activated carbon filter, H14-grade HEPA filter.
  • Refreshes the air in a 200 ft2 room 4 times in an hour, CADR 240/150/90 (H/M/L) m3/h.
  • Dust + odor sensors, AQI display, 20° air flow, Auto-restart, Modes: Auto, Sleep, Haze.

Sharp FP-J40M-W Air Purifier 

The Sharp FP-J40M-W has Dual Purification. It combines active and passive filtration to combat pollution. The active filtration is done using Plasmacluster Technology which produces positive and negative ions. These ions break down bacteria and pollen and render them inactive. The passive purification is done by 3 physical air filters which rid the air of allergens.

Plasmacluster technology has many benefits. It reduces static force which prevents dust from sticking to walls and floors, enabling the machine to draw them out more effectively. The ions neutralize harmful microbes like H1N1, E. Coli, MRSA, mycobacterium tuberculosis, influenza viruses and fungal spores. It destroys VOCs, removes odors and deodorizes the air. The plasma also helps maintain a comfortable humidity level. It keeps skin hydrated and enhances mood.

The filters play a vital role in capturing allergens. The pre-filter blocks PM 10 particles. The second filter deodorizes the air. It masks human and pet odors, cigarette smoke and cooking smells. The third filter is a high-quality H14 HEPA filter. It screens up to 99.97% pollutants as tiny as 0.3 micron. This includes tree and grass pollen, mold, dust, dust mites, dust mite feces, pet dander, microorganisms and odor-causing particles. The pre-filter is washable and reusable while the HEPA filter is not washable and needs to be changed periodically.

The air purifier needs 23/14/3.5 watts power (max/medium/sleep). It has a CADR of 240/186/48 m3/h and a coverage area of 350 ft2. It is completely ozone-free. It has dust and odor sensors that continually study the air. They put out AQI and PM 2.5 readings on the device’s display. The control panel is sensitive to ambient light. It lights up/down when the room lights are turned on/off.

The Sharp FP-J40M-W has a bunch of operating modes. It has Auto mode for matching the purification speed with room condition. Sleep mode lowers machine sounds for peaceful rest. Haze mode accelerates filtration by turning up the fan to High for 60 minutes and then alternating between High and Low for 20 minutes each. There is also a timer and Child Lock function.

Dimensions of the product are (WxHxD): 390 x 583 x 270 mm. It weighs 6.2 kg.

Key Features:

  • Air purifier with Dual Purification.
  • Active Plasmacluster Technology, passive 3-phase filtration.
  • Pre-filter, deodorizing filter, H14 HEPA filter, light-sensitive touch panel.
  • CADR 240/186/48 m3/h (max/medium/sleep), coverage area 350 ft2.
  • Dust & odor sensors, PM 2.5 display, timer, Child Lock, Modes: Haze, Sleep, Auto.

Sharp IG-GC2E-N Plasmacluster Air Purifier


The Sharp IG-GC2E-N is a compact air purifier. It can be used in vehicles as a car air purifier or plugged into laptops and used as a personal air sterilizer. This dual-purpose functionality is what sets the IG-GC2E-N apart. It is handy, lightweight and easy to carry from place to place.

The device has a coverage volume of 3.6 m3. It releases a dense cloud of plamacluster ions which reacts with both airborne pollutants and those found sticking to surfaces in the room. The ions clear out pollen, spores, viruses, dust mites, dust mite feces and dead dust mites. They also reduce static electricity for better cleaning.

Apart from the ion generator, the IG-GC2E-N has a twin air suction system that screens up to 80% pollen and fine suspended dust. The two PM 10 filters are situated at the bottom of the gadget and they capture particles as big as 10 micron and larger. The fan is level with the air suction inlets for efficient air intake.

The Sharp air purifier makes the air more fragrant. It has a deodorizing quality which suppresses cigarette smoke and food aromas. Turbo mode fires up this function and the air is deodorized doubly fast.  

The IG-GC2E-N has 3 operating modes: turbo, medium and low. On turbo mode it has an ion density of 75,000 ions per cm3, on medium 25,000 and on low 7000. Power consumption is 1.8/0.7/0.5 watts and operating noise is 36/23/19 dB.

Being designed for car and personal use, the air purifier supports USB. It comes with a dual-port USB car adapter which might be used to power the air purifier as well as charge phones. You can also plug it into a USB port of your desktop computer or laptop and use it at home or in office to sanitize your personal space.

Dimensions of the unit are: upper diameter 74mm, lower diameter 65mm, height 162mm. It weighs 265 g.

Key Features:

  • Compact portable air purifier for car.
  • Doubles as personal air sanitizer, covers a space of 3.6 m3.
  • Plasmacluster technology, twin PM 10 filters, deodorization, touch control.
  • 3 operating modes: turbo, medium, low, includes 2-port USB car adapter, charges phone.

Sharp FP-J80M-H Air Purifier

The Sharp FP-J80M-H has high-density Plasmacluster Technology with True HEPA and Active Carbon filter. The plasma discharge produces negative and positive ions which remove airborne bacteria, viruses and spores. It reduces static energy which prevents dust from sticking to surfaces. Plasmacluster technology also leaves the skin hydrated. As the microorganisms disintegrate, water molecules are released into the air causing a rise in atmospheric moisture.

The FP-J80M-H is fitted with three filters for passive filtration. The first is a PM 10 pre-filter. It is a washable filter with a fine mesh. The second is a deodorizing filter which uses activated carbon to adsorb odor-causing compounds. This filter counters food aromas, animal odors, human body odors and cigarette smoke. It also tackles VOCs like formaldehyde. The third filter is an electrostatic HEPA filter. It blocks up to 99.97% particulate matter down to 0.3 micron is size. These two filters have a life of 2 years and they must not be washed. They might however be sunned for about 3-4 hours every 45 days to keep them from developing odors. 

The Sharp FP-J80M-H is 100% ozone-free. It has a special Plasmacluster Spot Mode which releases a very high density of ions up to 100,000 ions/cm3. In this mode, the air is sanitized at super rapid speed. Nicotine odors disappear in approximately 30 minutes, pet odors in 6 hours, wet laundry smell in 3 hours, sweat stench in 6 hours, cooking odors in 2 hours, and clinging bacteria is wiped out in 8 hours. For eliminating pollen, there is a special Pollen mode. This mode is useful for people with pollen allergies.

Other modes include Haze, Auto, Max, Medium, Low and Sleep. The machine has dust, odor and PM 2.5 sensors that constantly analyze the air. The touch panel is light-sensitive. It illuminates when the room light is switched on and becomes dark when the light goes out. Auto-restart turns on the power after a power cut.

The Sharp FP-J80M-H is ideal for a 62 m2 spaces. It has a CADR of 480/288/60 m3/h (max/medium/low). A 20° air flow mechanism ensures dust is cleared out from the lower hard-to-reach regions of the room.  

Dimensions of the product are (WxHxD): 416 x 720 x 292 mm, and it weighs 11 kg. Power consumption is 48/28/1.3 watts and noise level is 47/45/15 dB.

Key Features:

  • Powerful air purifier with high-density Active Plasmacluster Technology.
  • 3 passive filters: pre-filter, activated carbon, HEPA, Plasmacluster Spot mode.
  • CADR 480/288/60 m3/h, coverage area 62 m2, up to 2 years filter life, touch panel.
  • Modes: Auto, Sleep, Pollen, Haze, Max, Medium, Low; Sensors: dust, odors, light, PM 2.5.

Sharp KC-G40M-W Air Purifier with Humidifier

For regions that have a dry arid climate, it is always helpful if the air purifier is also able to humidify the air. Most air purifiers tend to suck out moisture from the room resulting in dryness of the skin. To counter this effect, some air purifiers have a humidification function and the Sharp KC-G40M-W is one such device.

It is an air purifier cum humidifier with Active Plasmacluster Technology and passive filtration. Suitable for dry summers as well as cold winters, the KC-G40M-W maintains a suitable humidity level inside the house. It uses ionization to neutralize airborne pathogens like bacteria, viruses, spores and pollen. Two filters screen the air for pollutants. The first is a washable fine-mesh PM 10 pre-filter. It traps large pollutants like dust, hair and pollen. The second is a specially charged HEPA & PANDAA filter with a lifespan of up to 5 years. This filter removes up to 99.97% fine particulate matter as minute as 0.3 micron. It also tackles odors and VOCs.

The humidifier operates automatically based on natural evaporation. It infuses the air with tiny water molecules. A built-in fan helps disperse the moisture uniformly throughout the room. Once the ideal humidity level is reached, the device stops humidification. This prevents excessive accumulation of moisture indoors and inhibits mildew.  

The Sharp KC-G40M-W has a 20° air flow for collecting low-lying debris. It has dust, temperature, light and humidity sensors. The touch display shows real-time dust, temperature and humidity data. An auto-restart function kick-starts operation upon resumption of electric supply after a power cut.

The machine has the following modes: max, medium, low, sleep, pollen, shot. It has a CADR of 306/180/60 m3/h (max/medium/low) and a coverage area of 350 ft2. Power consumption is 31/12/5 watts and sound level is 46/41/19 dB.

Dimensions of the product are (WxHxD): 345 x 631 x 262 mm. It weighs 9.2 kg.

Key Features:

  • Air purifier cum humidifier with natural evaporation.
  • Active Plasmacluster technology, passive filtration: PM 10 pre-filter, HEPA & PANDAA filter.
  • CADR 306/180/60 m3/h, covers 350 ft2, modes: max, medium, low, sleep, pollen, shot.
  • 20° air flow, 5-year filter life, auto-restart, sensors: dust, temperature, humidity, light.

Sharp DW-E16FA-W Air Purifier Cum Dehumidifier

This next product is the opposite of the one we just discussed in that it is an air purifier cum dehumidifier unlike the previous one which was an air purifier cum humidifier. While the KC-G40M-W was suitable for dry climates, the DW-E16FA-W is ideal for humid regions like coastal areas where the atmospheric moisture content is quite high. It is recommended for spaces that are poorly ventilated like basement apartments. It removes the dank smell of laundry and the musty smell of books. Since dehumidification helps control mold, the device is also beneficial for libraries and museums.

The Sharp DW-E16FA-W has dual purification. It has Active Plasmacluster Technology which produces ions that react with allergens breaking them down and making them ineffective. Three physical filters carry out passive air filtration. The first is a washable mesh pre-filter and it traps large impurities. The second is an activated carbon filter. It combats odors and VOCs. The third filter is a True-HEPA filter and it eliminates up to 99.97% compounds as small as 0.3 micron. The activated carbon and HEPA filters have a life of up to 2.5 years.

The gadget has an air purification coverage area of 300 ft2 and a dehumidification coverage area of 240 ft2. It has a CADR of 240/170/75 m3/h (high/medium/low) and a dehumidifying capacity (30°C/ 80%RH) of 16 liter/day.

There are a bunch of operating modes like Auto-dehumidification, Laundry, Deodorizing, Auto, High, Medium and Low. Auto-dehumidification auto-regulates humidity. If the moisture falls below the comfortable point, the appliance stops dehumidification. Laundry mode rapidly suppresses damp laundry smells. A 3-liter water tray hold the water inside the machine. It has a Continuous Drainage and an Anti-bacterial function. A water level indicator shows the amount of water left in the tray.

A number of sensors keep track of odor, humidity and tank water level to offer a seamless user experience. There is a timer with three pre-set times: 2, 4 and 6 hours. Noise range of the gadget stays between 53/35/27 dB.

The USP of the Sharp DW-E16FA-W is that it is inverter-ready. It consumes 38/10/7 watts power when it is only engaged in air purification. On Dehumidification and Laundry modes, it needs about 190 watts.   

Dimensions of the product are (WxHxD): 360 x 565 x 260 mm. It weighs 12.2 kg.

Key Features:

  • Air purifier cum humidifier with Auto-dehumidification mode.
  • Active Plasmacluster technology, passive filtration: pre-filter, active carbon, True-HEPA.
  • CADR 240/170/75 m3/h, coverage area- air purification: 300 ft2; dehumidification: 240 ft2.
  • Modes: Deodorization, Laundry, Auto, High, Medium, Low, inverter-compatible, timer, tank water level indicator.

Sharp DW-J20FM-W Air Purifier Cum Dehumidifier

The DW-J20FM-W is a more powerful version of the preceding model. It is an air purifier cum dehumidifier with an air purification coverage area of 350 ft2 and a dehumidification coverage area of 400 ft2. Ideal for coastal regions and places that receive plenty of rainfall, the Sharp DW-J20FM-W keeps humidity in check, prevents mold and masks musty smells. It has a dehumidifying capacity (30°C/ 80%RH) of 20 L/day and has a 4.6-liter water tray. An Anti-bacterial Self-Cleaning System ensures the tray stays clean while a water level indicator shows the current water level in the tray.

For controlling indoor pollution, the appliance uses a dual-purification technique of Active Plasmacluster Technology and Passive Filtration. The first is an ionization drive and it neutralizes germs and pollen. The second is done by a combination of 3 air filters. The first is a washable mesh-type PM 10 pre-filter. It intercepts large particles like dust bunnies and hair. The second filter is an activated carbon filter and it lowers VOCs and odors. The third is a True-HEPA filter and it exterminates up to 99.97% allergens as tiny as 0.3 micron.

The pre-filter is washable and reusable. The other two filters have a maximum life of 5 years. The air purifier has a CADR of 258/90 m3/h. It has various operating modes like Auto-dehumidification, Laundry, Deodorization, Auto, Sleep, High and Medium to suit different needs. A bunch of sensors scan the air for PM 2.5 and odors, note the humidity and temperature data, and respond to light to dim/illuminate the control panel. A timer is available for fixing the operating time at 2, 4 or 6 hours.

The machine can run on inverter power which is very convenient. It has a power consumption of 260 watts on Dehumidification and Laundry mode. Noise varies between 29 and 51 dB.

Dimensions of the unit are (WxHxD): 359 x 665 × 301 mm. It weighs 16.7 kg.

Key Features:

  • Powerful air purifier cum dehumidifier for large rooms.
  • Coverage area- air purification: 350 ft2; dehumidification: 400 ft2.
  • Active Plasmacluster Technology, pre-filter, activated carbon filter, True-HEPA filter.
  • CADR 258/90 m3/h, modes: Auto-dehumidification, Laundry, Sleep, High, Medium, Auto.
  • Sensors: PM 2.5, odor, humidity, temperature, light, 4.6 L water tray, timer, inverter-ready.

Sharp FP-G50E 47-Watt Air Purifier

The next Sharp air purifier we would like to bring to your attention is the Sharp FP-G50E. It has an active and passive filtration system. The active system adopts Plasmacluster Ion technology while the passive system uses a set of 3 filters to remove dirt.

The Sharp FP-G50E has an ion-generating chamber which emits positive and negative ions that mimic the ions found in nature. These ions attract the polluting particles and take them out of the air stream. The Plasmacluster nullifies the force of static energy which helps pollutants stick to surfaces, thus removing them from the surfaces and directing them to the centre of the room from where they can be sucked in by the air purifier.

The device has a 3-stage mechanism to draw in impurities. First, it extracts the dust and germ from the air and surfaces. Then it collects them on the ground and lower surfaces of the room using its strong airflow system. Finally, the impurities are drawn in through the air inlet of the gadget and trapped by the filters.

The first filter to act on the incoming current of air is the pre-filter. It is a micron-mesh filter. It removes large and heavy particle like dust, hair, lint and pollen. It is detachable, washable and reusable. The next filter is the deodorizing filter which removes VOCs, cigarette smoke and bad odors.

The last filter is the HEPA filter. This is a high-intensity filter that eliminates up to 99.97% germs of size 0.3 microns and larger. The HEPA filter is effective against bacteria, viruses, spores, PM 2.5, PM 10, smoke, dust mites and other ultra-fine allergens. The ions generated by the Sharp FP-G50E cater to an area of 23m3.

The gadget has 3 fan speeds, Auto Mode, Haze Mode, Auto Restart and a timer. It also has odor and dust sensors and can run on inverter power if there’s a power cut. The HEPA and deodorizing filters are not washable and need to be replaced once they become saturated. Both have a max life of 2 years. Dimensions of the product are: 15 inches x 21.2 inches x 8.2 inches. It weighs 5.1 kg.

Key Features:

  • Sharp air purifier with Plasmacluster Ion technology.
  • Pre-filter, deodorizing filter, HEPA filter.
  • Removes up to 99.97% germs as minute as 0.3 microns.
  • Combats bacteria, viruses, PM 2.5, Pm 10, smoke, spores, pollen, dust, pet dander, odors, VOCs.
  • Inverter-ready, Haze Mode, Auto restart, timer, 3 fan speeds, odor and dust sensors.

Sharp Air Purifier FU-A80E

The Sharp FU-A80E is the best Sharp air purifier for large spaces. It has a coverage area of 646 ft2 and is perfect for spacious living rooms and conference halls. It is built with Plasmacluster Ion technology and has a high-density plasmacluster (with fan) which releases millions and millions of charged gas particles called ions.

These ions attract air contaminants of the opposite charge and form bonds with them. They nullify the pull of static energy and separate the pollutants from the air and surfaces (curtains, cabinetry) they stick to. The ions are most effective inside an area of 334 ft2. Once they have paired with the pollutants, they are channeled towards the floor by the powerful air current of the air purifier.

As the dirt accumulates on the lower surfaces, it is slowly and steadily sucked in by the air cleaner. The dirty air then makes its way through two filters. The first filter it encounters is a deodorizing filter made from activated carbon. It fights unpleasant smells and VOCs like formaldehyde.

The other filter is the HEPA filter. This is a heavy-duty air filter which takes down up to 99.97% impurities of size 0.3 microns and larger. The HEPA filter gets rid of microbes like bacteria, protozoa, fungal spores and viruses. It also reduces PM 2.5, PM 10, nicotine smoke and fine dust.

The filters each have a max life of 2 years. They cannot be removed or washed and need to be replaced when their time is due. The Plasmacluster can be turned on and off and comes with an indicator light to show on/off status.

The appliance has 3 fan speeds, an Auto Mode, Haze Mode, Auto Restart and dust sensor. In Auto Mode, the dust sensor gauges the level of pollution in the room and accordingly adjusts the speed and intensity of air purification. The Sharp air purifier has 3 airflow levels: max-480m3/h, med-300m3/h, low-120m3/h. The noise varies from level to level too. At max airflow, it generates 53 dB, at medium 41 dB and at low 23 dB.

Key Features:

  • Sharp air purifier with Plasmacluster Ion technology.
  • 2 filters: activated carbon and HEPA filter.
  • Removes up to 99.97% germs and dust as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Fights PM 2.5, PM 10, smoke, spores, bacteria, viruses, odors, VOCs, pet dander, dust, pollen.
  • Dust sensor, 3 fan speeds, Auto Mode, Haze Mode, 3 airflow levels.
  • Plasmacluster can be turned on and off.

SHARP Air Purifier FU-A28E

The next best Sharp air purifier is the FU-A28E. It is specially made for compact rooms with space limitations. It purifies air within an area of 205 ft2 and is the top choice for small homes. The Sharp FU-A28E is equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology. It has a high-density ion generator and a fan to disperse the ions throughout the room.

The Plasmacluster is switchable and can be turned on and turned off. An indicator light shows on/off status. The high-density plasmacluster ion mode works best within an area of 172 ft2. It combats static energy which makes dirt and germs cling to walls, drapes, upholstery and rugs.

The ions emitted by it pick up the pollutants, forming bonds with opposite-charged particles. These ion-dust couplets are then routed towards the ground by the air cleaner’s intelligent airflow mechanism. As the debris accumulates on the floor, it is drawn into the purifier and removed from the atmosphere.

The Sharp air purifier has two filters: a pre-filter and a special Dust Collection Filter. The pre-filter removes larger allergens like dust mites, lint, hair, pet dander and pollen. It is detachable and washable. The Dust Collection filter removes finer dust particles and completely rids the air of harmful allergy-inducing dust mites and dust mite faeces.

This filter is not washable and has to be replaced once every 2 years. The air cleaner has 3 fan speeds and a fan speed indicator. There are 3 airflow speeds: max-168m3/h, med-108m3/h, low-48m3/h. Noise level is as follows: max-47 dB, med-38 dB, low-25 dB. Power consumption at various levels is: max-48 watts, med-27 watts, low-12 watts. The product measures: 15 inches x 14.9 inches x 5 inches. It weighs 3.4 kg.

Key Features:

  • Sharp air cleaner for small 205 ft2 rooms.
  • Plasmacluster Ion technology.
  • Ion mode indicator.
  • Pre-filter, Dust Collection filter.
  • Removes dust mites, dust mite faeces, spores, pollen, odors, pet dander, toxic gases.

Sharp FP-GM50E Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher

The FP-GM50E is another Sharp air purifier that combines air purification with pest control. It has a sophisticated mosquito catcher and is very effective in fighting infestation. The Sharp FP-GM50E serves an area of 430 ft2. Therefore, it is great for medium-sized halls and large living rooms. It has 3 airflow rates: max-306m3/h, med-186m3/h, low-48-90m3/h.

The gadget has Plasmacluster Ion technology with a recommended high-density ion area of 248 ft2. The ions reduce static energy in the room and extract allergens from the air and surfaces to which they stick to. The ion-pollutant pairs are then pulled towards the floor by the powerful suction force of the air cleaner. As the dust and debris collect on the lower surfaces of the room, the purifier sucks it up and removes it from the indoor air.

The FP-GM50E is equipped with 3 filters. The first is the pre-filter. It intercepts coarse dust particles, pet dander, hair and bits of paper and fabric. Next is an activated carbon filter that helps to deodorize the incoming stale air. It removes mustiness, bad odors, cooking smells and VOCs. The third round of filtration is done by the HEPA filter. It tackles disease-causing pathogens like bacteria, fungal spores and viruses. It also eliminates PM 2.5, PM 10, dust and smoke.

While the pre-filter is detachable, washable and reusable, the carbon and HEPA filters are non-washable and need to be replaced every 2 years (max life 2 years). The biggest selling-point of this Sharp air purifier is its mosquito catcher. It uses UV light and a black panel to entice the insects. Once they enter the gadget, they are trapped with the help of a glue sheet. The sheet needs to be replaced once every month.

The Sharp air purifier has sensors for detecting dust and odors. It also has indicators for showing the presence of dust and odors. There are 4 fan speeds- auto, sleep, max and medium. There is a Haze Mode and Auto Restart function.

The machine can run on an inverter. Noise levels vary according to airflow. At max level it generates 51 dB, at medium 41 dB and at low 20-29 dB. Power consumption of the device is as follows: max-51 watts, med-17 watts, low-4-6 watts. The product measures: 15.5 inches x 21.2 inches x 11 inches. It weighs 6.1 kg.

Key Features:

  • Sharp air purifier with mosquito-catcher for 430 ft2 rooms.
  • Plasmacluster Ion technology.
  • Pre-filter, deodorizing carbon filter, HEPA filter.
  • Removes up to 99.97% impurities of size 0.3 microns and larger.
  • UV light attracts insects, glue sheet traps them.
  • Inverter-ready.

Sharp KC-F30E Air Purifier with Humidifier

The next air cleaner by Sharp to make our list is the KC-F30E. It is a 2-in-1 air purifier cum humidifier. It removes airborne impurities and also restores the moisture content of the air. The Sharp KC-F30E is perfect for air-conditioned rooms. It counters the ill-effects of air-conditioning like dryness and skin, nose and throat irritations.

The humidifier leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft. It helps you breathe more easily and prevents parchedness of throat. The Sharp air purifier has a high-density Plasmacluster Ion generator which actively fights air pollution and a HEPA filter which passively captures impurities present in the air. The manner in which the two work together is as follows.

The plasmacluster releases clouds of negatively and positively charged ions which attract air pollutants. The ions reduce the force of static energy. Static energy, as we know, helps germs and dust stick to walls and surfaces around the room. As the ions and pollutants fuse together, the airflow of the purifier pulls them downwards and collects them on the floor. From here, the debris is sucked up by the purifier where the filtration process begins.

The air first makes its way through a pre-filter which traps larger allergens like dust mites, pet dander and pollen. Then the air moves through a deodorizing filter made from activated carbon. This panel removes VOCs, bad odors and cooking smells.

The air is further purified by the HEPA filter which eliminates ultra-fine particles like bacteria, viruses, PM 2.5, PM 10, spores, tobacco smoke and dust. It is effective in rooting out up to 99.97% germs of size 0.3 microns and larger. The pre-filter can be removed, washed and reused.

The carbon and HEPA filters are non-washable and need to be replaced once they expire. Both filters have a maximum life of 2 years. The air is also treated by the humidifying filter through natural vaporization. It has a capacity of 440ml/h and can carry 1.5 liters of water in its tank.

The humidifier lasts for up to 5 years after which it must be replaced. The Sharp air purifier has an air purifying area of 226 ft2 and a humidifying area of 183 ft2. The recommended high-density plasmacluster ion area is also 183 ft2. The gadget has an inbuilt dust sensor and adjustable fan speeds (auto, max, medium). The intensity of the humidifier can also be regulated between high, medium and low.

Additional features include Haze Mode, Child Lock, Auto Restart and on/off timer. The system can operate on inverter during power outage.

Key Features:

  • Sharp air purifier cum humidifier.
  • Plasmacluster Ion technology.
  • Pre-filter, deodorizing carbon filter, HEPA filter, humidifying filter.
  • Removes up to 99.97% impurities of size 0.3 microns and larger.
  • Suitable for 226 ft2 rooms.
  • Inverter-operable, Child Lock, Haze Mode, Auto Restart, Timer.

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