Best Pulse Oximeter In India

Top 8 Pulse Oximeter In India

A portable pulse oximeter is a compact and handy pulse rate (PR) monitoring device. It also records the SpO2, perfusion index (PI), and respiratory rate of the person. An oximeter can be used in homes, clinics, hospitals and gyms. It can also be used in sports and adventure activities like high-altitude trekking and mountaineering.

Also with increased level of air pollution, many people in cities are suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases. We think pulse oximeter is a very handy device you must consider buying if you have a respiratory disorder or pulmonary disease.

Most oximeters have simple one-button operations. They run on alkaline batteries and have power saving features like auto power off.

In the following paragraphs we will introduce you to the top pulse oximeters currently sold in the Indian market. Here they are :

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