Bajaj TC 2007 Personal Air Cooler Review

Bajaj TC 2007 Personal Air Cooler

An air cooler is the best way to escape the summer heat. In hot and arid regions like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and the NCR, an air cooler during summer is an absolute necessity.

In this segment we are going to talk about a leading room air cooler by Bajaj, the TC 2007. It is a 34-liter air cooler that cools an area of 300 square feet. It is suitable for all climates, including coastal areas where there’s a lot of humidity. It has honeycomb cooling pads on 3 sides, adjustable fan speed and a unique 4-way air deflection system for uniform air distribution.

Let us analyze the technology and design of the air cooler in a little more detail.

Design And Usage

The Bajaj TC 2007 keeps indoors cool and comfortable. It has an advanced Chill Trap technology that traps cool air inside the cooler for ultra-fast cooling. It is suitable for dry and humid climates in plains and coastal areas. The cooler serves rooms with as average area of 300 ft2. It can be used for spot cooling and for cooling sections of large rooms. It can be installed in living rooms, bedrooms, stores and offices.

The TC 2007 has honeycomb pads for cooling the room air. Honeycomb pads last longer and facilitate faster evaporation. The pads are removable and washable. They are fitted on 3 sides of the cooler enclosure for maximum air intake and cooling.

The device consumes very less energy and is easy on the wallet. It has a power rating of 175 watts and a voltage rating of 230 volts. It can operate on inverter power. So in case there’s a power cut, you can continue to enjoy cool air without any interruptions.

The Bajaj TC 2007 can hold 37 liters of water up to the brim and 34 liters up to the overflow mark. It is driven by a motor with a maximum capacity of 1300 RPM (rotations per minute). The cooler has an average air delivery rate of 1300 m3/h and a peak air delivery rate of 1800 m3/h. Air throw distance is 30 feet. Overall, it is safe to say that the cooler has a good enough cooling rate, and is perfect for medium to small rooms.

The air cooler has vertical and horizontal swinging louvers. They deflect air in 4 ways for uniform cooling across the room. The airflow is adjustable. The speed of the fan can be set at 3 levels: low, medium and high.

The Bajaj TC 2007 has a sleek contemporary design. It has a white housing made from thermally re-engineered plastic. It is non-corrosive and rustproof. It is long-lasting and keeps the internal parts in good working condition. There is a dust protection screen to keep out dust, insects and other particles. On the top panel are two dials for controlling power and airflow speed.

The machine is portable. It has four swiveling castors and a pair of handles carved into the sides of the frame for easy mobility. The housing of the cooler is 465mm wide, 308mm deep and 840mm high. It weighs 11 kg.

The appliance has a water level indicator. It has a drain plug for draining out water while cleaning the tank. An over flow outlet and a neon indicator are also provided.

The cooler comes with an ice tray. You can put ice cubes and enjoy super-chilled breeze. It comes in handy on scorching hot days when you need that little extra cooling.

The Bajaj TC 2007 has whisper quiet operation. It does not produce loud whirring sounds, and allows you to sleep and study in peace.

Make sure the room has adequate air circulation. Keep doors and windows open for cross airflow. It is necessary for the cooler as it requires a constant supply of fresh hot and dry air.

Warranty period of the Bajaj TC 2007 is one year.

Key Features :

  • 175-watt 37-liter personal air cooler with Chill Trap technology.
  • 3-sided removable and washable honeycomb cooling pads, 4-way air deflection.
  • 30 feet air-throw distance, max air delivery rate 1800 m3/h, max motor speed 1300 RPM.
  • Coverage area 300 ft2, suitable for small to medium-sized rooms, 3 fan speeds.
  • Water level indicator, drain plug, castors, built-in handles, knob controls, ice tray.
  • Re-engineered rustproof anti-corrosion plastic enclosure, inverter-ready, dust protection screen.

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