Bajaj DC 2016 67-liter Glacier Air Cooler Review

Bajaj DC 2016 67-liter Glacier Air Cooler

A desert cooler is a powerful air cooler. It caters to large indoor spaces and offers unbeatable cooling. If you live in a place that has long hot and dry summers, you might want to consider installing a desert cooler in your house. It is cheaper than an air conditioner, uses less electricity and provides effective cooling, especially in arid climates.

In this segment, we are going to introduce you to a top-ranked desert air cooler, the Bajaj DC 2016. It is a massive 67-liter cooler for large halls and living rooms up to 750 square feet in area. It is suitable for all kinds of climates, including humid places like coastal areas and dry places like deserts.

Let us go over the technology and design of the Bajaj desert cooler and understand what makes it so efficient.

Technology And Usage

The Bajaj DC 2016 desert air cooler is a force to reckon with. It offers matchless cooling in scorching summer heat. It has a 67-liter water tank for continuous water supply. It has a coverage area of 750 ft2 which means it can comfortably serve medium to large classrooms, staffrooms, offices, convention halls, restaurants, stores and living rooms.

The device has an average air delivery rate of 3500 m3/h and a maximum air delivery rate of 5800 m3/h. It is a decent air delivery capacity for large rooms. Air-throw distance of the cooler is 90 feet which is also no small achievement. 90 feet is a long distance and sufficient to deliver cool air to remote corners across large halls.

The Bajaj DC 2016 desert cooler uses a wood wool cooling medium. It makes for better cooling and is more economical than honeycomb medium. The pads are positioned on three sides of the enclosure for optimum air intake and evaporation. It creates a surround cooling system for faster temperature drop. The pads are removable which makes it easier to clean them.

The cooler has a unique bed-level air-throw so you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Just place it next to your bed and you will have cool breeze fanning you throughout the night.

The device has automatic rotating louvers that dispense air in 4 directions. They circulate the air evenly for uniform cooling. They are controllable and their movement can be switched off if needed. The air speed is adjustable between 3 levels: low, medium and high.

The appliance has 3 water inlets, one each on the front, back and side. It has a water level indicator which lets you know when to refill the tank so the water never dries up. An overflow outlet is provided on the side of the tank for expelling excess water. A drain plug is also available for removing sludge while cleaning the tank.

The Bajaj DC 2016 is an energy-efficient air cooler. It uses just 200 watts power and has an operating voltage of 230 volts. It has whisper-quiet operation and does not create a racket. It is inverter-ready and functions without break through power cuts.

The cooler has an ice box for enhanced cooling. It has a durable rust-proof corrosion-free enclosure made from engineered thermoplastic. It has castor wheels and side handles for easy portability.

The housing is 640mm long, 550mm broad and 1110mm high. It is white and has smart blue highlights. The control panel has a pair of knobs for managing the louvers and air speed.

For best performance, keep doors and windows open for air circulation. The cooler needs a steady supply of hot and dry air from outside to maintain cooling efficiency.

Warranty period of the product is one year.

Key Features :

  • 200-watt 67-liter desert air cooler for 750 ft2 spaces.
  • Average air delivery rate 3500 m3/h, max air delivery rate 5800 m3/h.
  • 90-feet air-throw distance, 4-way air-deflection, 3-way fan speed control.
  • Motorized switchable swing louvers, bed-level air-throw, ice box.
  • Corrosion-free rust-proof enclosure, castors, handles, 3 water inlets, 1 water outlet.
  • Wood wool cooling pads on 3 sides, water level indicator, works on inverter power.

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